Captain_Cign's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

You know what I am just gonna quit for today I just had a plane land on another when I told it to go around, I give up.


Apologies everyone for the terrible service I will rethink my strategy and come back better tomorrow :)

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Hey if yr still open ill come

ok nvm Just saw the message at the bottom
Remember u gotta stay calm while controlling

Yes closed sorry. Not getting “overwhelmed” is the reason I have not booked me Test. The practical is about 5 aircraft which I am totally fine with but it’s the later stages I am preparing for I would prefer to be over ready than under ready. I just need to figure out where it all went wrong today and how I got so many trolls.

I will be open in about 10 mins.

Hey All!

Another day of ATC, only this time a little different :) Today I will be controlling KROA for an event organised by @USA_ATC and @Butter_Boi. Feel free to come by and do some patterns feedback is appreciated. Bring Friends!

Virtual ATIS: KROA Airport, ATIS information X-Ray, time 1430 ZULU. Wind 260 at 6, visibility 10, temperature 26, dew point 20. Remarks, See Forum for Details Landing Runway 34 and 24 , Departing Runway 34 and 24 . Notams, Event in Progress, Size Restrictions in Effect,

@TheKnP_KK @JulietTango @Kaven @N822M @captainJONES @RoBroStar @ThomasR @kieran464 @Jan_W @Calum787 @Lawin_S @MatthewSwift @EdCruz @BoiBoots @Thomas_Bennett @Ivan0921 @Flying_Pencil @Collins4486 @Filipe_Samuel_Braine @IF787 @USA_ATC @CaptFoo @Hayden_Buerckner @Edoardo_C @Itsumi @GreenFire @Tomjuul1996 @tunamkol @Henry @Oli_H

I WILL not be replying on the IFC during my session, I will look at it but during busy times NOT reply, just to give the best service possible. I will be open for about 1hr 30mins.

Cheers and Happy Flying :)

The Event feel free to sign up but do ASAP!

I should get 5000 ops this session :)


Excellent @Captain_Cign

Thanks so much for doing this ATC C:

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May be a slight lack of attendance due to the FNF but still feel free to come by :)

Jesus that’s a ton of tags. Cannot come though

Haha, no problem! See you next time :) And sorry I could not come to your session.

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Forgot to send traffic alert, sorry @Calum787 and BTW beautiful landing!

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5030 ops made 5000!

No worries everything else was great

Yeah I was quite proud of that 😉

I will be open again in around 10 mins.

Nevermind I am closed for today, because I completed my goal of 5000 I will now change it to 6000. Should be open at 1300Z tomorrow.

Hello IFC aviators! I am back, now open at ENGM for patterns or a fly out feel free to pop by I will be open for a while! Bring friends! Feedback is appreciated!

Virtual ATIS: ENGM Airport, ATIS information Yankee, time 1330 ZULU. Wind 160 at 5, visibility 10, temperature 19, dew point 7. Landing Runway 19R and 19L, Departing Runway 19R and 19L.

@TheKnP_KK @JulietTango @Kaven @N822M @captainJONES @RoBroStar @ThomasR @kieran464 @Jan_W @Calum787 @Lawin_S @MatthewSwift @EdCruz @BoiBoots @Thomas_Bennett @Ivan0921 @Flying_Pencil @Collins4486 @Filipe_Samuel_Braine @IF787 @USA_ATC @CaptFoo @Hayden_Buerckner @Edoardo_C @Itsumi @GreenFire @Tomjuul1996 @tunamkol @Henry @Oli_H

Will be open for around 2hr’s! Have fun! If anyone would like to choose the airport I control at next time feel free to say :)



Ill come by in an hour if thats ok, bcs id like to first go to @Edoardo_C since i missed most of his sessions. As for the airport suggestion LIMC has parallel runways, you could try it out ;)

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Thanks for the recommendation. An hour is fine :) See you then!

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I will come in 10 min

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I would but I am opening up at 11 and have to prepare