Captain_Cign's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Sorry for causing go around haf to do it somehow haha

Apparently aircraft have to maintain separation. But I get the idea :)

Yes that was the only thing I could think of, next time I will just leave it to a go around.

That is true I will remember that for next time :)

No sir.

He was already down on the ground when you entered the runway. No matter if he went around or not he would have struck you.

Thanks for coming :)

He was a good 30ft above ground he announced g/a instead of atc which also makes sense but you have to be aware of the surroundings at all times

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Stand by everyone for my second hr I am going to change airport. Thanks for coming @IF787 :)

Hello IFC members! I am back, now open at LFBO for patterns or a fly out feel free to pop by I will be open for a while! Bring friends! Feedback is appreciated!

Virtual ATIS: LFBO Airport, ATIS information Victor, time 1430 ZULU. Wind 010 at 8, visibility 7, temperature 34, dew point 16. Landing Runway 32R and 32L, Departing Runway 32R and 32L.

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Will be open for around 1hr. Apologies for the second tag today.

If anyone would like to choose the airport I control at next time feel free to say :)

Cign :)


Good instructions today!

One thing…

This is what my ATC said when I was ground, just “N473CC, Runway 5” and I was confused, thats my second request, normally I would say duplicate messages to that

Oh and I forgot to contact ground on landing, sorry, my fault. 😐

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Yes I was confused as well. Do not know what happened there. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt because I had no clue as well :)

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I’ll come👋🏻

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Thank you :)

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I’ll try to stop by shortly!

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@IF787 what are your intentions?

@IF787 you are not descending?!

On my way.

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I’m coming!

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Thanks both of you :)

Hey, sorry, was focusing on flying. I took off not realizing my fuel level was at max, so I had to do a fuel dump, plus I was testing out the descending and braking ability of the A350.

Haha lets say it was a test flight ;)

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Sorry, have to run. Perfect service!

Ok thanks for coming :)

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