Captain_Cign's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello fellow IFC members! This will be my tracking thread where I can practice mainly tower and ground at airports to get both my ATC Ops up and improve my skills! I am yet to apply for IFATC and as of now is not my main goal with this thread! All feedback and advice is greatly appreciated! Cheers! :)

Display Name: IFAE Captain Cign

Status: CLOSED

Server: Training

Airport: N/A

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

ATC Ops: 5,626 Ops (aiming for 8000 before September)

Virtual ATIS: N/A

I will tag you after coming along to one session to notify you of when I am next open, if you would not like to be tagged just message me, thanks!


Why a tracking thread? You are the legend of feedbacks! You’ll pass in no time

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Haha its mainly for Ops! Don’t tell anyone but it’s far easier understanding the stuff than putting it into practice ;)

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^ It’s then gaining that experience by opening a tracking thread that’ll secure both written and practical into a standard reaction to when you’re controlling! I’ll try to pop round sometime! Best of luck!


Cheers Ethan! Whist IFATC isn’t my main focus right now that is definitely a reason for opening this thread! I find myself often very stressed with more than 5 aircraft and its just learning and practising that will improve that.

See you in the skies :)

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I am open at GCLP! Come along for patterns and feedback is always wanted!

Virtual ATIS: GCLP Airport, ATIS information Alpha, time 1340Z ZULU. Wind 020 at 28, visibility 10, temperature 27, dew point 19. Landing Runway 03L, 03R, Departing Runway 03L, 03R. (courtesy of Infinite ATC)

Ill be open for 30mins - 1hr!

Feel free to invite your friends!

I’m on my way! Call sign N822M

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Thank you :)

I can come by!

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Cheerio, thanks :)

Sorry for all the finger slips guys :(

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Its ok :) You corrected all of them perfectly!

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Great job! All of the mistakes you corrected. Feel free to tag me next time you are open

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Thank you so much for coming :)

See you in the skies :)

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If you are still open, I will drop by with callsign ROBRO. :) If not, then I will see you next time!

Yep ill be open for about 10 mins, if you can squeeze a pattern or two in feel free. If not ill be open tomorrow!

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Excellent job!! Sorry for my sloppy pattern work. I’ve been flying the 172 regularly and had to get familiar again with slow flight in the TBM.

Thank you very much for flying for so long, you did great! Cheers!

See you in the skies!

Thanks man. Feel free to tag me next time you’re controlling.

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That was a pretty good job controlling today! :)

Nice runway change.

Nice early clearances.

You corrected your misclick for I’ll call your base.

Hope to see you controlling tomorrow!

Edit: Feel free to tag me! :)

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