Captain_Cign’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A - PRACTICAL IN 2 HOURS!

Good day IFC! With the arrival of a new year I thought it would only make sense to bring back my Tracking Thread especially after receiving top #atc topic of last year and biggest Tracking Thread of all time! This thread is the start of my journey into IFATC, I am planning to apply in February but before then want to get my skills up especially as I haven’t been keeping up to date with controlling, forgetting a few key things! Regardless it’s good to be back as a Controller!

It would mean the world to me if you could just take a few minutes out of your day just to pop by for a few patterns and give some hopefully limited feedback showing I didn’t make too many mistakes! All Feedback and Advice is appreciated like usual, have fun and see y’all around!

Display Name: [IFAE] Captain Cign

Status: CLOSED

Server: Training

Airport: N/A

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

ATC Ops: To be Updated!

Virtual ATIS: N/A

To be untagged from my Tracking Thread either send me a PM or just state it below! Thank you all in advance for coming and see you around! Blue Skies and Tailwinds! ✌️


Heya all! I am back, open currently at KBOI for patterns or a fly-out! Should be open for a while so feel free to grind some landings!

Virtual ATIS: KBOI Airport, ATIS information Alpha, time 1410Z ZULU. Wind 090 at 5, visibility 10, temperature 0, dew point -1. Landing Runway 10R and 10L, Departing Runway 10R and 10L.

Tags: N/A

Will be open for around 1hr! Have fun! If any of you awesome souls want to choose the next airport I control, provided its operable, I will! So do Say! Cheers, means a lot!


Man, this United person.

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Aha the joys or TS, disregarding his FPL and going rocket status, he wants to depart and arrive without being in the pattern, oh well 😂

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I will be coming in about 30
If u will still open by then
I have to finish up something

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Not a problem, should still be open then! See you in 30! Appreciate it!

No problem see u then

Can’t come right now. Having GP flight with a virtual

I have something quick to do, but I should be back in 10–15 minutes

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Not a problem! Would you like me to tag you next time I am open? :)

Oh great thank you for sticking around so long means a lot! Mind me tagging you next time? :)

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Sure! No problem

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Ill be right back

OK you can tag me next time

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I joined 👍

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Radar Contact :) Appreciate it!

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I’ll come in for some patterns

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I’m back!

I’m the Southwest 588VA

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All in aircraft bigger than 737/A320 due to terrain you will be moved to 10R!

Can I try doing pattern work even though I never have?

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