Captain Cam ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)

KBWI is Closed for now


Can you stay open for about a hour? I will be there in about 30 minutes. I love BWI!

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Yea I think I can. My home airport, i love it too!

Ok I will be there in 30 minutes!

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Unfortunately the crosswind on 33R is making it impossible to do patterns right now. Sorry about that. If you open up later I will try to come by and help you. Sorry and good job!

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Ok, sorry about the winds.

Closed at VHHH

Closed at KJFK

Open at KSLC

Ground at KORD

Closed at KORD

Open at KMTN
-Training Server
-Pattern Work allowed
-Taking off runway 33
-Landing runway 33

I’ll do touch and goes for 15 Mins


On my way…

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You need more practice mate. You have not sequenced any of the 3 planes in the pattern.

Watch the youtube video “the perfect atc test”. I’m sure it will help you.

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Yes Take @DaniCP Advice and you’ll go far in ATC


Good luck tell me when your doing this again and I’ll be there


Closed for now

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