Captain buys pizza for diverted passengers

God bless his heart, imangine what your thinking if you just got diverted, all that stress, next thing you know a train of pizza guys comes in!

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Is this AA or envoy?

I don’t think you would have a choice :)

Well, Envoy is a branch of AA so…I guess it’s AA. Although I don’t remember seeing anything but AA.

That was so nice of him!

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the plane was being flown under the AA banner, not envoy.

Should be an AA plane, only mainline on LAX-DFW.

So the crew are from envoy?

no, the crew was American Airlines. Not Envoy by American.

This topic said envoy sps personel so I thought this flight was operated by envoy.

It referred to Envoy support staff on the ground.

ground crew was Envoy, yes. Flight Crew was all American.

So, does the captain pay for the pizza?

In the short-term, probably. However, American Airlines will more than likely reimburse him. He could technically say it was a business-related expense that he had to pay for out of his own pocket.

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Maybe, but if he did, then American should pay him back. He just boosted the moral for the whole company.

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That has to be one of the kindest things someone could do he should be rewarded for his act of kindness

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