Captain-APH’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Had to open this new thread as couldn’t edit my other one.
Looking for help with cool pilots putting me to the test.
Hope you can join me.


Hey! happy to be Infinite Flight 553

Good instructions. I didn’t end up somewhere else so yeah - good job!

Here for an hour or so.
Would appreciate so company.

I may be able to make it in 45-60 mins. Not sure if you’ll be open by then though by the time I come because it may be later than an hour.

Let me know if u are available later, closed for now.

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Just missed you! Was inbound in a C130 for some circuits

I’m still flying around so if you want to open I can attend

Open for an hour or so, pls pop down.

sorry, cant come. Doeing my own tracking thread. Not goeing so well though

Hey, first of all thanks for controlling at EGCC, have 2 questions regarding your commands towards me.

  1. At the 2nd pattern(leg) you said to me to go left traffic, why?
  2. When I was leftdownwind of RWY 23R, you cleared me for the option for RWY 23L, why tho?

I saw that Ukraine International 505 was almost final/left base of RWY 23. While I was on right base/final of 23R. So the appropriate command to that pilot would have been enter left base, number 2, traffic to follow is on final and then cleared him (for number 2, cause you cleared him to land has number 1, while not even 1min ago you cleared me for the option as number 1) to land.

Crossing RWY
I knew Continental 179 wanted to cross RWY 23R, however I still made my patterns quite short, therefore you should’ve said extend downwind or extend upwind (when I took off), so you could let Continental 179 just cross RWY 23R (maybe with expedite).

That’s all what I have as feedback ^^. Again thanks for controlling!

Thanks for feed back.
What I was trying to do was switch you to 23L so you could continue your patterns, sorry if I got it wrong.
Continental had been mucking about for over 20 minutes, so I was unsure of what he was doing.
He was requesting take off half way down 23R with an A380.

Open again for an hour or so.

OK, roger @APH71 I am doing KLAX KSFO. I will be landing in a few mins. I should have time to come down

Another good session mate however you forgot to give me clearance for 23R after my runway change, hence my go around at decision height.

Have you considered trying other airports? I noticed you only seem to open EGCC. Remember that IFATC could ask you to open a completely different airport.


Yeah, kicked myself there.
Where do you suggest?
My training is at KFLL

Literally anywhere!

If you want to stay UK, maybe try a military base such as EGQS, EGYD, EGXU, EGVO. These have intersecting runways to test your sequencing and pattern entries.

You need to consider also the wind (need to be GA-friendly), cause most of the practicals are with GA or light aircrafts (if I am not mistaken).

I understand that going to EGC, since you’ll have more traffic there…

Ok mate, thanks for the advice.

Any particular airport that is a nominated test location will be used. IFATC recruiters use different aircraft unknown to us on a case by case basis, but I can predict they use the 737-300BBJ.

Of course, I just added some information. I am going to rephrase that a little bit.

From experience people use LIGHT or GA aircrafts during trainings. Therefore, if you are going to open a small airport/hub take also the wind into consideration.

Since an IFATC said to me to look also for GA- and light aircrafts friendly airports (and not with an airport with 13kts wind and a gust of 10kt).

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