Captain-APH’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EGCC

Doing ground and tower at EGCC
Please pop down if you have the time
Training to join IFATC
Any feed back will be appreciated


I have turned the thread to an ATC Tracking Thread, where you announce when you are open and when you are closed. Make sure to update your title whenever that’s needed.

  • When you are open -> [OPEN @ICAO]
  • When you close -> [CLOSED]

Enjoy your ATC session.


Ok will do.

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Have a look at the guidelines for your tracking thread.
They will help you to get some more attention.

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Any feed back will be appreciated.

Back again please pass bye

Hello there! I’m on my way to see how your getting on. 👋

You will be getting advice shortly via a DM.


I was at Manchester while you were doing ATC. Callsign EMD-NL. I forgot to mention the feedback. Here it is:

The only thing I did were patterns. For some, who don’t know the right information, can it be hard to perform a good and proper ATC service.

  • you don’t need to tell me “make left/right traffic” again whenever you clear me for the option. You had already mentioned to make left traffic in my takeoff clearance. Only once is enough.

  • I expected the clearances a bit earlier. When having me on downwind would be a good timing. I received them on final, that’s why I reported my positions.

I think that’s it for this session. If you really want a good explanation of thenATC procedures, check the ATC manual or watch the tutorials on YouTube. See you next time.

Thanks for the feed back. Much appreciated.

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I’ll jump by for some patterns. After breakfasts

Ah sorry! I issued a Taxi request, but wanted to req. for pushback :-p… and wanted to do some pattern work :(…

I’ll pop down bro 👊🏻

Passed written test today.


Hi @APH71, I was callsign ‘sleepy’. Nice job on your controlling. One question is after the touch and go you gave me “enter left dw runway 23L”, was that on purpose or no? Another thing i want to add is when someone is on patterns and reports they are on final/touch and go, there is no need to give avoid unnecessary reports but just give roger(unless they are cleared to land instead then yes that command is used). Anyways good job on your transition and good luck for your practical test

I’ve had different advice on this one.
Some tell me to give that command even though I’ve told them to make left traffic.
Other people say you don’t have to give a pattern entry.

Appreciate feed back.

You only need to give pattern entries when either someone is coming into the airport from somewhere else or runway changes

So hard to get a few good pilots to do patterns to help me practice.

Open EGCC for an hour