Captain and First Officer charges with being intoxicated!

TWO United Airline pilots were arrested at Glasgow Airport for failing a Breathalizer test.

The men aged 45 and 61 were about to board flight UA162 to Newark liberty but were arrested just before they boarded the flight!

The flight was supposed to take off at 9am but was cancelled.

The pilots have not been charged but they remain in custody.

A United Airlines spokesperson said “The safety of our passengers and crew is our top priority”

“We hold our staff to the highest of standard and have a strict policy of NO alcohol!”

“These pilot were removed from all service and were fully cooperating with local authorities.”

Personally I think that this is shocking. Why risk the life of the crew and the passengers for Alcohol. This isn’t the first time this has happened. This happened in 2017 on another United Airlines flight…

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That is interesting. They have probably went to the bar before performing their next flight. Still, @RyanR do you have any link to prove that?

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Here is the link, Copied it from there

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The news looks to be about a week old.

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They have now been charged and released from custody!

They haven’t updated it yet

They were in Paisley Sherrif Court

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