Captain Ali_Yt Streaming Thread

This will be a thread for all my streams and upload for Infinite Flight!

Im currently live streaming from Mexico City to Cancun!

Status: Offline

The Stream: Infinite Flight Live 22.6 | Mexico City(MEX) - Cancun(CUN)| B738| Aermexico | New Livery! - YouTube


Live right now, come join!

Status: Cruise

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Server? I would like to escort

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Expert Server!

Oh, I’m banned for a while because of a misunderstanding

Sorry, maybe some other time tho!

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All good mate! You can still join the stream and chill with me!

Lol I hear you typing on the live stream

Ok, are you going to do a flight later? If you do another flight then I will join if it’s on the training server!

Imma do a flight with my friend

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Currently just woke up, descent will happen in about a hour from now!

Are you going to do a flight soon?

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And Im back!

joinnnnn for a cookie!

It’s my birthday today, expect a stream later today ( still deciding route

ok, i hope you have a good birthday, also i would like to do a flight later

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i would like to escort you later or formation fly

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It will be an overnight so around like 12 hours from now I’ll start streaming.

ok, ill try to make it

When are you flying, also do you want to do a formation flight?

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Stream shortly in 7 mins.

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