Captain-92A's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread
I’m pursuing becoming an IFATC, so what better way to practice than on the TS!
I’d appreciate it if you guys give me feedback on my controlling!

Main goal to improve:
Pattern Work, Runway Changes, Transitions, Departures and coming back into the pattern.

  • Status : CLOSED
  • Server : Training
  • Airport :
  • Runways :

Will give you feedback in PM. Standby

Thanks! i know… need to improve a lot.

Thanks for the ATC Service today.
Do you want feedback here or in a PM?

No problem!
You can give it here.

Good catch not giving me push back since I was in a TBM

When I switched to tower you gave me takeoff clearance while I was still quite far from the rwy. and you had traffic in the pattern.

When you gave me takeoff clearance you gave me pattern instructions right away before I was able to request takeoff and a departure direction since I was going to depart the airspace to start.

When I returned to your airspace I had requested T&G for 16R- you came back with enter left downwind for 16L which would have forced me to make a 180°turn to enter the pattern. You then came back with enter Right Downwind for 16R which made more sense since I wouldn’t have to cross the active departure center line.

You gave multiple pattern leg instructions which made it very confusing especially since they weren’t correct. You gave me enter Right Base while I was in my Cross wind leg so I had to ignore the command since it was not possible. Once you give me Right or Left patterns I will make my turns since I am VFR.

You cleared me for the option when I was on Final instead of when I was in downwind. At that point I was the only aircraft you were working so there would be no conflict.

When I requested to change to rwy 16L I was on Right Downwind for 16R, you cleared me directly for the Option on 16L. You should have given me pattern instructions first. Then you gave me Left Downwind when I was turning for a Right Base.

In the course of flying 3 patterns you cleared me for the option about 7 times. Once per pattern is enough.

I would recommend reading the IFATC Manual and watching the tutorials.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Here’s the ATC Manual for reference.

I’m an idiot, I didn’t press ‘Ctrl +V’

Thanks guys, i appreciate the tips and feedbacks. I’ll work on it, watch the tutorials again and read the ATC Manual.

hehe thanks!

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Come do some patternwork etc. and give me some feedback!

I may come by soon

Alright I’ll spawn in now. Do you want me to fly patterns or something?

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Yeah that would be nice.

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Hey! I sent some feedback in a PM

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I’m coming!

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I’m on my way too!

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Just so you know, my patterns will be very tight.

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  • When you clear an aircraft for the option, there is no need to say “after the option, make right traffic”. The only time you’d use that is if you want the aircraft to change the direction of traffic or if they are inbound for touch and go, like I was. E.G if I was on left traffic and you wanted me to switch to right traffic then would be an appropriate time to use “ after the option, make right traffic”.
    This topic explains it more in depth:
  • You forgot to clear me for the option on my second pattern. That was why I was reporting my position so much and I decided to do a go around as I can’t land if you don’t give me clearance. After I announced my go around though, I think you realised your mistake because then you cleared me for the option.
  • Try and clear for the option slightly earlier, sort of when the aircraft is on crosswind. Sometimes you were clearing on early downwind, which is ok but sometimes you cleared on late downwind and it needs to be earlier that that.
  • On my runway change when I changed to 15R, it would have been a but better if you told me to enter right downwind runway 15R instead of left because then I don’t have to deconflict with any aircraft landing on 15L as it’s easier to deconflict on upwind instead of base and final.
  • Try and use “correction, standby” or “disregard last message” when you correct yourself instead of using “standby”
  • Transition altitude was good.
  • Sequencing was very good.
    Good luck for IFATC!
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Thanks for your feedback and time! I’ll remember those things for the next time.

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Come and do some pattern work and give me feedback on my controlling!