Capt_Syafiq's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN PASSED]

Thank you for the service. I was CC-NPR and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [16:43:19z] - Transition Altitude was a bit high.
  • [16:53:47z] - Inefficient conflict resolution for CC-NPR on runway change.
  • [16:53:47z] - Incorrect pattern leg on sequencing for CC-NPR.
  • [16:56:53z] - Incorrect sequence on pattern entry for N17EE.
  • [17:00:39z] - Used of “Hold Position” instead of “Hold Short”.
  • [17:03:35z] - Unnecessary “immediate T/O” for MRIDHO.
  • [17:04:52z] - Unnecessary clearance to land for CC-NPR and M-ONKK.


  • To calculate the transition altitude, we add 2,500ft to the airport elevation and round up to the nearest 500ft. In this case, considering that the airport elevation was around 40ft, it has no incidence on the pilot’s pattern altitude (will still be 1,500’AGL for jets) and therefore, the best transition altitude would have been 2,500ft.

  • Whenever you face a conflict on upwind, where there are two aircrafts on upwind with one of them requesting change to the other’s runway, follow these steps to solve it the most effective way:

Runway Change on Upwind Conflict

What you did, by giving CC-NPR left downwind, is not wrong but it can be more efficient.

  • Make sure to pay attention when giving pattern entries and sequence, as they will be key for your pattern management. If you have a mistake, make sure to correct it ASAP to avoid a confusion between the pilots in the pattern.

  • If an aircraft has requested take-off or runway crossing, and they shouldn’t be entering the runway (due to traffic) the “Hold Short” command must be used instead of “Hold Position”. In simple terms, hold short is to be used for every instruction that indicates no authorization to enter the runway.

  • Since M-ONKK and CC-NPR were going to runway 07R, there was no reason for expediting MRIDHO’s take off. Make sure to use these kind of commands when separation has a high chance of getting lost. (remember to consider aircraft type and speed)

  • Whenever an aircraft doing pattern work reports their position adding “full stop”, they are telling you that they are landing on this pattern with no intention to perform a Touch and Go. If the aircraft was already cleared for the option, no further response is needed other than “Roger”. - Remember that clearances for the option also authorizes full stop.

Solid Points:
Runway separation

Nice session, make sure to fix those little details listed above and you’ll be all set to control bigger amounts of traffic in the pattern. Good for you that you managed to get more pilots today!

Let me know if you have any doubts here or by sending me a PM, I’ll be happy to help.

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Ah joining ifatc?

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Btw, Nico thanks for attending a lot of my training sessions.


I retake soon.

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Feedback from Saudia 001VA:

  • [17:49Z] Too late Exit Runway command, don’t forget to give an aircraft to exit runway when they have reached 70kts - 60kts.

No other issues. Great job! Feel free to tag me whenever you open an airport.

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👀👀 thankyou btw @Gritz . Glad to have u n sure will do better next session. Ah sure i will ping u!!!. Dont forget to comee😉

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Heyy @nicopizarro . Thanks a lott!!! Thanks for this long long feedback and also im appreciating all of u guys time in order for me to learn and be one of IFATC families. Wish me luck. Again thanks. I’ll do keep noted all the feedbacks given and hope to do better in next session. Thanks nico !!. Dont forget to come again next session😊

No problem! Looking forward to see your progress.
Have a nice day!

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Tag me, so i can coming if you open,

Bangkok, love to see it! Unfortunately I am not at home right now, at the nail salon with my mom 😑, I’ll try to make it if you’re open when I arrive back at my sanctuary if a room.

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Thankyou @Broken for stopping by!!

No thing :) your work was good the runway EXIT clearance was a bit late, but otherwise everything was good :)

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Thankyou for the feedback. Also thanks for ur time. Ah still late on the exit command😅😂. Any tips?

I’d recommend getting the exit runway command ready while the aircraft is on short final then when they hit the target speed for the command to be sent you don’t have to go through 3 different screens all you have to do is press “send”


Aitee sure. Will try to use this tips hehe thanks!!

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Feedback from I-FATC:

You did good, however I still have one issue for you

  • When I requested for pushback, you didn’t assign me a runway. When an aircraft requests pushback you must assign a runway, if the circumstances were different and I said “Ground, I-FATC ready for pushback, requesting runway X” then you could just approve the pushback without needing to assign a runway unless you are denying the runway they’re requesting.

Nice job on the runway exit, it was entirely my fault because I had to use 100% reverse thrust. Any exit command is better than not giving it at all



Runway assignments included on a pushback request are only required if the pilot is required to push and face a certain direction for efficiency/smooth ground operations, or if the controller would like to tell the pilot to expect a certain runway (assuming that multiple runways are nearby and it’s unclear as to which runway the pilot should expect).

As such, a runway assignment is not mandatory and controllers are welcome to approve pushback requests without including runway information. See Section 2.1.5 of the ATC Manual for further information.