Capt_Syafiq's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN PASSED]

Hello IFC, my name is @Capt_Syafiq , so I’m here to learn how the ATC’s work and how they are operating in IF appropriately. Also im doing this for joining the IFATC team(which is i was dreamed for a long time) in mid of July. Done with my written test but failed with 72%. Have to retake in 8th July. Wish me luck😊. Im sure it could help me a lot during this training session. Don’t forget to come back to this thread and give me the feedback as long as i want to increase my skills in ATC’s. Hope it won’t ruin your flying day though 😅

Status: CLOSED

Server: Training

Airport: N/A

Frequencies: Ground & Tower

Rwy in use : TBA

Practicing for : Pattern work✔️ ; Inbound & Outbound✔️ ; Transitions✔️ ; Sequencing✔️ ; Ground Conflict✔️

Check In

And any others if u want to stopping by!!! :)

Anyone could come and stopping byy !!!🥰

Thanks for coming and having my ATC practicing. Hope that u enjoy it. Also dont forget to give me the feedback. Really want it in order for me to enhance my skills before applying. Hope to see you guys there😁


Hey… tag me in ur next session, i’ll be there if i can

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Likewise, tag me when you do open. I’ll be interested in coming to your sessions.


Hi there…🤪

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I’m abt to open at KONT if you can come

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Opening now for about 40mins or more depends on my free time😅🤣

coming now!

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Really nice job on your session today @ WMSA. Nice job on sequence and Clearance. Also you caught the GA, altho you could give the go around bit earlier for Malaysian 002VA

Nice job Syafiq!


Feedback: Malaysian 002VA

As there weren’t as many planes as there would usually be at a normal training session, I would not be able to determine your ability to handle higher workloads and manage more aircrafts. In addition, the use of a single runway airport would have made things a lot easier for you, whereas training sessions would usually take place at airports with multiple runways, in many cases, parallel or intersecting.

Nonetheless, my two patterns should be able to give you a generalised feedback on where you were doing well and where there could be room for improvement.

My inbound transition altitude was perfect, and so is my inbound and clearance. The sequences and clearances for N1RK was also good.

On my second pattern, I was again given the correct sequence and clearance, which I have no issue with.

However, for N1RK, his runway exit command when he had full stopped, was given late. You would be aiming to be giving them at approximately 70-80 knots ground speed for jets, and 40-50 knots ground speed for all other types of aircrafts.

My go-around was also well caught and handled with sufficient ability. Although, it was a little late for my liking. I would have preferred if you anticipated the conflict and resolved as soon as it became obvious there was going to be one. Just a reminder, a failed go-around would be an automatic fail in your practical, regardless of how well you did in other aspects.

While it is obvious that you have sufficient knowledge to get around the basics, might I suggest that you look to open at other airports with parallel runways, and for a longer time to attract more people. We would be looking to test for pushback and ground taxi conflicts, as well as runway changes and upwind conflicts which would only be possible if you were controlling at a parallel runway airport.

My personal suggestion would be controlling at RJBB or KLCK.


Thankyou @Ramzi_Khairan ya i know i would give g/a command a little bit earlier. My mistakes for the late. Will do better again next time thabks for the feedback really appreciate it🥰

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Feedback from SP-EED
When the traffic is 2 Mile final and 1 Traffic still on the runway You Should send with Expedite Traffic On final
Just That Feedback from me. And Feel free to tag me when you open and i will come if im available. Keep it up Syafiq!

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Thankyou @Citrusinabox will noted that. How about my sequencing and others? Hows ur feedback? Thanks in advance🥰

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Your Sequence and Clearance is Good Just That :D Keep it up :)


Feedback from me (HA-BIL):

For SP-EED and 9M-TUM is Unnecessary. You can say clear for takeoff after secs

•Sequence and Clearance are good.

Little mistake when you say SP-EED for Number 3 Clearance. Since i was passed the Treshold, You should say “Number 2 Clear To land Runway XX” for speed.

•Welldone for G/A with @Citrusinabox 🤪

•Transition Bit High

Airport Elevation near 0ft. Say it 2.500Ft for transition

Thanks for having me



Wait I will se my replay


Yes. You are clear for number 3 since i passed treshold


Just seen my replay Yes u has Pass the treshold :) Thanks for that :)


Thankyou for the positive feedback @SierraHotel . Sure duly noted n will do better next time🥰. Also thanks for ur time

Yea i missed that.Thanks @Citrusinabox for ur time n feedback will do better next session🥰

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Well !!! Aq bangga dengan ko haha
i proud of you capt haha😂💪🏽

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