Capt_seb's ATC Tracking Thread [closed] @ na

That was fine! With any normal takeoff clearance the aircraft may backtaxi at their discretion. Everything was perfect except you could have cleared nathan for takeoff while I was because he is smaller and alot slower. But perfect other that. Sorry we were with the wrong runway. And nathan had such a great landing in the 208 lol.

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I thought your controlling was fine and yes that landing wasn’t my best😂

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Thanks for your feedback guys 😁

Just a little more flap



I would recommend opening at a smaller airport for less trolling. KLAX is one of the top airports for that.

I know but I thought it will be moderate as its usally quieter at this time

Hha as soon as I said that I had like 5 trolls.

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I’m coming!!!

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Open at KNFL

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@Matt_Croatia001 I told you to taxi to runway 31L what happened

I was eating ice cream

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Very cool.

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Open at YSSY, come down for pattern work or dust arrivals and departures 😀.

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