Capt_seb's ATC Tracking Thread [closed] @ na

G’day this is my tracking thread(I had to remake a new tracking thread as my old one I could not edit or comment) here I will post when I’m open and of course Feedback is greatly appreciated as I hope to become IFATC. Hope to see you guys soon 😀😀😀

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Open AT YSSY know

I’d come, but I don’t have a sub :(

Yes just realised lol. All good

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A little warning would’ve been nice that the wind is like this ^^"

Yes It changed as I entred and only have one device so could not say anything. Sorry about that :(

Nothing wrong with my ATC but about the Thai before me.

With a 23kt headwind for Runway 25 operations. You should have just gave him Runway 25.
But instead you taxied them to 34L, despite on 34L/34R, it will be a direct crosswind of 23kt, which is very unpleasant for departures AND landings. Also, when its not busy, it is usually courteous to ask for a frequency change and there is nothing wrong with that, even though the IF message for taxiing to runway clearly says “contact tower when ready”.

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What you said about it being courteous to ask a frequency change although you have already been given permission to change frequency is not correct. In the taxiing message, it already says to contact tower so it’s unnecessary to ask.


Oh no, I do understand that since the frequency change instruction is already together in the taxi instruction, which I also do understand is intentionally there to reduce IFATC workload.

My apologies for applying real life experiences.

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No problem, mistakes are mistakes after all :/.

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yes sorry i did relise that one (WELL I SHOULD OF AS I HAD THE SAME WINDS AS THE AIRPORT AT MY HOUSE) i just was not. paying attention to were i was sending him. that was my bad.

Open at YWLM


Was there a few sec ago, but you closed…

I think it is better to look for a Airport who has 2 parallel runways, so the pilots can ask for a runway change etc…

Ok i am there but I’ll go to a better airport with 2 runways I may have lost connection

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Changed and now open at NFFN


Nice controlling! Good job! I only have 2 things to say as feedback

  • transition
    You said at 3000ft, however i think the correc ft should’ve been 2500ft.

  • Patternwork
    When I announced my touch and go, you said to go right downwind 12R, however I was facing the opposite of the runway, so I’d say to command me to go left downwind 12R, since then I don’t have to do the 180 on the right down wind, hahaha.

But overall really good! Sad that there were no other aircrafts so you could sequence me…

however, if this isn’t correct… IFATC or somebody with lots of experience, please correct me

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Im coming nkw!

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Sorry forgot about the backtaxi

Now closed thank you.