Capt_Seb's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA

Hi, here i will post when i am open the aim of this for me is to get feedback from you guys so i can improve, all feedback is good.
tower and ground

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Hi there @SebastianF,

I’m not really sure weather your open or closed due to your thread title? However, I would use this as a structure to help keep your tracking feed looking fresh:

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Yep just relised that i did it wrong sorry about that

That’s fine, if you structure it like @Ray_Wang’s feed we will know what your intentions are and where your opening at we can be able to help you.


I am now open at OMDB if znyone would like to join

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I’m on my way and I will see you in just a sec. :)

  • My callsign is G-BWND

Sorry had to go that quick

Have to get ready to get to bed got to get up early tomorrow yey not lol

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My observation:

When looking on how you approached one aircraft in the traffic pattern was great! However, I really need to see what your like when your properly in the mists of sequencing and with your Experiance of inbound aircraft. From experience, I would recommend that you control at KSAN or EGCC which will help you greatly on a good traffic day.

Great Job on making your first steps towards becoming an IFATC controller! Don’t worry about the session being short, it’s all about the experience that matters. Thanks for the service :)

Kind Regards,

Gliding C

Thank you very much much for your feedback I might try thos airports tomorrow once agian thank you :)

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I am open at KTPA if anyone would like to come.

Hey I was N776DL, pretty good couple things I noted…

  • Good job on ground and telling me “you were already instructed to change frequency”

  • Takeoff clearance and subsequent clearances were good

  • Good job on pattern entries

However there was 2 issues I saw related to transitions

  • Transition altitude was WAY to high, transition should be 2500ft above airport elevation

  • When a pilot asks for transition that give him permission to be in and fly through your airspace so that “say intentions” was unnecessary


Very good solid understanding of ATC procedures just need help with transitions. Hopefully there can be more planes in your pattern next time so you can work on sequencing as well… GOOD JOB

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Yes I did not that my self lol and the say intentions was a accerdent for got to say ‘disregard last message’ sorry about that and thanks for the feedback.

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Open at yssy tower and ground.

Hi, I was 9V-RAI earlier. I couldn’t test you on transition earlier sadly. One thing I noted was that when I asked for runway change you did not give a pattern entry for the runway, which is a must if you approve of their runway change. Besides that good job!

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Thank you for your feed back ill be back in about 30min probably just had to do something. Sorry about the short timing

Open ground and tower at yssy

Open at yssy tower and ground…

Hi @SebastianF, I was VH-STM at YSSY. The only thing I noticed was that there wasn’t any sequencing given when there was 2 aircraft in the pattern. Everything else seemed ok.

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Hallo I reviewing my replay and relised that. Thanks for the feedback.

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