Capt_Seb’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ NA

G’day this is my tracking thread(I had to remake a new tracking thread as my old one I could not edit or comment) here I will post when I’m open and of course Feedback is greatly appreciated as I hope to become IFATC. Hope to see you guys soon 😀😀😀


Open AT KBIS now.

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Now closed

Hey there!

Just a few comments from what I saw!

First off great job! You were doing pretty good so I had to start thinking of things to trip you up, but even then you would get it! Good job. You did great with all the runway changes, and the missed approach was handled nicely. All your clearances were given in a nice timely manner.

However I did catch you on one or two things;)

When I called inbound on the ILS, you are correct in just giving the clearance. However, that is ONLY if you have a radar controller. Since there was none present, you would need to treat me like a normal inbound and issue a pattern entry, sequence (if needed), then clearance.

The only other thing was the transition altitude was a bit low. You issued it at 3500, but it should have been at least 4500.

Other than that it was all pretty well done! You handled the incorrect runway assignment pretty well, as well as making sure to ensure I was on the ground before giving the exit taxi command. I tried keeping it up as long as possible trying to get you to give exit runway but you waited till it was firm on the ground. Besides those few things I mentioned, everything was well done! Clearances runway changes, go around, etc we’re dead on. Hopefully next time there can be some more people to help out with some sequencing!

Cya around!

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Thank you very much for you feedback hope to see you again another time :) :)

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Open AT YBTL for training

Hey, I was SLEEPY earlier(callsign not literal). Nice job there no mistakes that i noted:)

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Thanks for that 😀

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Honestly, some of the the best controlling ive seen. Good at spacing and organising traffic phenomenally.

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Thank you very much :)

I’m open at YSSY :)

Very organised controlling!

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thank you very much

You handled quite a lot of traffic very well (even some people who were trolling) . Great job!

thank you very much hope to see you in the future:)

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