Capt_Jim's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ Mods close

KHPN Runway 16 active, pattern work allowed


Hello! I’ll stop by!

Thank ya sir

I’ll stop by do some pattern work

Hey Jim! Thanks for service you did very very well considering this is your first tracking thread opening. I do have a bit of minor feedback to give but overall, great work getting down the basics down!


-On runway changes be sure to clear aircraft with a new traffic direction so they can fly the circuit for the new runway with a new traffic direction. For example Infinite Flight 17 number 1 runway 11 cleared for the option after the option make right traffic. The use of left/right traffic on clearances is only used when pilots request a runway change and are inbound for a touch and go initially from outside the airspace. After their initial touch and go on the new runway they can be cleared for the option with no further traffic direction for that runway on clearances.

-On my runway change I was very happy to receive a pattern entry for runway 16. This is very minor it was possible to send me a sequence in the message on the pattern entry command to save you a click and some time.

-Lastly, it’s important to watch aircraft on the ground after landing to send them an exit command at an appropriate speed. By clearing someone for the option they still have the ability of doing a full stop landing and exiting the runway. A runway exit command is required for all aircraft.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Roger that, thanks for the feedback

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I honestly can’t give much feedback because I’m also in the learning process but I have some points.

Ground Service: All good 100%

Tower: The pattern instructions were good but at the end when I was inbound full stop I didn’t receive a landing clearance just a roger

Also the exit runway when able was a bit late

Other than that Thanks for your services Jim!

appreciate it, thanks for stopping by

HPN?! I’m coming by for sure.

Just saw your post Will, had to close for the evening.

No worries! Was having issues loading up anyways. I’ll be back another time.

I 2nd that

I’ll be checking around to see when your open next… I’d love to come support a fellow member of the 2nd!

Mods this thread can be closed.

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