Capt_Evan's Radar ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hello! I am Capt_Evan and am an IFATC Specialist. However, I am preparing to become an officer. I would love a few pilots to stop by at PHOG on the Training Server and complete a few radar patterns to help me prepare. Start with ILS…and then you can do a visual and/or radar vector.s I am opening in 5 minutes. Thank you!


I’ll be there. Happy to help out just let me know what you need me to do

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Spawn at PHOG and remain in pattern


Right I’ve just opened PHOG ground and tower to make the experience better :)


thank you!

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Full stop here

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Thank you to everyone who came tonight and my trainer @DanielVitiello

I will keep you all updated on when I plan to open next.



Thanks everyone

Are you going to open it? I will attend

KALB thanks!

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Opening at KALB today! Thanks everyone

Please use RW 19

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Visual or radar vectors next please

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My IF is giving problems, retorning…

Full stop thanks


Thanks to everyone who came out to help me today as well as my trainer @DanielVitiello

I will post here before my next training session

Pm feedback please

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Hello everyone. I will be opening in 5 min at OAKB on Training Server. We will be using RW 29. Thanks!

Open NOW at OAKB. RW 29.

It would be nice to get some more, if anyone is free.