CAPS-What are you going to do?

No the chute was designed for emergency purposes and off airport landings not spins

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well I have just looked at two different resouces and it says the only way to recover from a spin in a cirrus is with a parachute
EDIT: yes it is used for emergencies but is it more difficult to manuver so you do not cause a hazard to objects or people?

Well yes, the Recovery procedure for a Spin is CAPS Deployment, but it’s not just used for that, standby, I have a little list from the Transition Course.


From Cirrus Aircraft


Making an emergency landing on a road or highway.

if I keep saying this it will go down as spam lol, it’s an ego thing, you’ll go down as a worse pilot trying to make unnecessary risks.
Don’t die with a perfectly good Parachute sat right behind you :)

Fatalities to date, when pilots had a good or better chance of living if they had activated CAPS” - Rick Beach

Im gonna bump this up because I would like to see what others think.

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If I was over water with land straight ahead I would perform a forced approach

This is what Cirrus says.

Same thing, CAPS and Flaps callout 600ft, and turn at this level as well if in the circuit.

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