Capitalising Words

I’ve noticed a few people who like writing with every word capitalised.

So Basically It Looks Like This. But This Can Sometimes Extend To Multiple Sentences Or Paragraphs.

Kind request from me - don’t write like that. It’s annoying, and I’m sure it violates so many English grammar rules.

For the grammar enthusiasts (cc @StikLover2) Capitalization | Capitalization Rules

Carry on :)


Thank you.
For the people like me, seeing A Title Written Like This is really annoying

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I Know It Tires My Eyes Out So Much.

And I like using proper grammar ;-)


For titles it’s okay, but not for content.
Look at the title of this topic.


It’s not grammatically correct for titles, but if you really, really want to do it, go on. I won’t read your post however ;)

I sometimes type my titles like that…sorry @dasabel100 and @carmalonso!

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Well, major words in titles are supposed to be capitalized. I’m not sure what would be capitalized in that title… @StikLover2


I’ll never forgive you… Grammar is like fuel for my airplane XD


It is correct for titles.


I don’t see a huge problem with titles as long as they’re short, concise and to the point.

No need to apologise btw, this is just a personal request from me to keep this place nice and legible :)


Then why do some not use it? It surely is not incorrect not to use capitals except for the first letter of the first word.

The ‘A’ should be capitalized. The rest shouldn’t.

No, being a title that would be different.

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What about the period at the end of the title? I used to add it, but after many times of it being deleted, I just don´t.

Some don’t use capitals at all.
That doesn’t make it correct.


No need to add a period at the end of titles.


I never use them. Except in my posts.

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Interesting. Seems you can do it.

Please consult that guide before making a post hahaha


Sentence case, or down style, is one method, preferred by many print and online publications and recommended by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The only two rules are the two rules mentioned above: Capitalize the first word and all proper nouns. Everything else is in lowercase. For example:

“Why it’s never too late to learn grammar”

I love that example ;)