Capital Virtual Airlines- USA Capital Fly In (KDFW-KIAD) @ KDFW - 121700ZMAY18

Capital Virtual Airlines- USA Nation Capital Fly In!

From Dallas to Washington DC

Join Capital VA as we fly from our hub in Dallas to the nation’s capital in Washington DC.

Important Event Information:

Departure Airport: Dallas/Ft. Worth - KDFW

Destination Airport: Washington-Dulles - KIAD

Suggested Aircraft: Airbus A320

Approved Callsigns for event: CVA###

Required Livery: Generic White

Cruise Altitude: FL360

Estimated Flight Time: 2:55

Server: Training

Time: 1700 Zulu

NOTAMs: Please follow all ATC instructions and be respectful to all other pilots at all times. This is a group flight, please takeoff once the plane in front of you is 3 nautical miles away.

Dallas/Fort Worth Gates:
C02: Reserved for CVA Pilots
C04: Reserved for CVA Pilots
C06: Reserved for CVA Pilots
C07: Reserved for CVA Pilots
C08: Booked
C15: Booked
C20: Booked

Dallas Tower and Ground will be operated by @CaptAC

Dulles Approach will be operated by @CaptAC

Dulles Tower and Ground operated by @CaptAwesomeAaron

Dulles Approach will be operated by our ATC Commander @Aviator_Airbus

KDFW Airport Diagram

KIAD Airport Diagram:

More gates will be added if needed. Any late attendees will spill over into Terminal B.

Landing Terminals at Dulles are at pilot’s discresion.


More About CVA

Join Us Today!

Want to join Capital VA? Click Here:

CVA Pilot Application

Any Pilot who joins us for the event will receive credit for their training and is eligible to join the airline immediately after the event. Please specify whether if you attended the event in you application.

More Info on CVA can be found on our website:

Capital Virtual Website

Want to see our official thread? Click Here:

Capital Virtual Airlines | The Center Of The Skies | New Thread + Future Event Voting

Event Sign Up

If you wish to secure your spot with us for the event. Please state the following below in the comments:

  • Aircraft
  • Callsign (Must be in approved format)
  • One of the gates above (please make sure no one has already requested that gate)

We Hope to see you with us on our biggest event yet! Don’t forget to take pictures and sign up for CVA, as participants in the event will complete their training automatically!

Special Thanks To @GolferRyan, our event coordinator, for this awesome event plan!

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we hope to see you with CVA again soon. :)


I`ll gladly be the ATC Controller for this event, sign me up for GRND and TWR


Awesome! What airport? Dallas or Dulles?

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Dallas :) Give me approach for Dulles, thats always a fun one.

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You got it! I’ve added a note that you are the ATC for the event.

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I can possibly make it…

If I can make it can I be GND/TWR for Dulles?

Yes I can! Thanks for helping out!

@Sebastian9915, are you planning on joining CVA? For our records.

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Actually I thought It was on 13th so I won’t be able to participate, and I’ll be looking at your VA too

That’s alright. Maybe we will see you next time! Our website and official thread can be found on the Join Us drop down.

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Thanks…looking forward…!

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You’re in the system! Sincerest apologies for the delayed reply.

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Attention Everyone! We are closing in on our last few hours of sign up! If you are interested please tell us so we can lock in your gate!

I’m looking forward to this event. Also, when someone signs up for a gate, put their name on the list, rather than “booked” :)


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