Capital Virtual Airlines- The Newest IFVA- Hiring Professional And Aspiring Pilots- Discord Complete!

@CameronH21 we’d love to have you with us!

You can click the following link to view our application

CVA Pilot Application

My question is, why google classroom? I mean, Is the staff the teachers? I don’t really understand how a Google Classroom would be good for a VA. Other than that great VA.

@CapitalAirlines do you have any staff positions I could apply for?

Thank you very much! I applied for a pilot job.

@Delta319, you can be an ATC Commandor, or our Oceania Region General.

@AllegiantAir, Google Classroom is an online service that allows you to send flight hour forms and post events like a forum. We keep our staff listed as Teachers and our Pilots listed as Students

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I’ll take the Region general.
Please give me the link for the application, thanks!

Pm me with your information, along with why you’d make a good person for the position @Delta319

Mind me if I do it tommorrow morning?
I’m about to go to bed

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Take the time you need.

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I’ll join hit me up on Twitter @eagles405 on twitter

We prefer that you apply using out google form, and we’d then contact you on the IFC. Not twitter.

If you are interested, go check out our event!

@Connor I have to withdraw my canidacy for the Oceania Region Manager.
I’ve got finals, gotta study.

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Of course. Thank you for the interest in the position. And good luck on your finals.

Thanks man! If anything holds up, I may be available later next month

I would love to apply as the ATC Manager, how do apply?

I will DM you. Thanks for your interest!

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All: We are excited to announce that our Discord is up and running, anyone who joins CVA will gain access to the Discord. Thanks!


Staff Posisitons Have All Been Filled

Dear All CVA Followers,

We are very excited to announce that all CVA positions have officially been filled. Phew! Unfortunately this means that no more applications for staff positions will be accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience to any one who was expecting a staff position.

However this does mean that CVA can apply full takeoff thrust to its community. We will be continually improving through out the week or so until all staff is completely on board.

If you are still interested in a staff position, we highly advise that you join as a pilot and work your way up through the ranks and when a spot is open, our top pilots will be considered for the spot first.

There is no better time to sign up than now, as future implements and requirements may slow the application process down. We are firm believers in the ‘Early Bird Gets The Worm’, so the sooner you apply the sooner you will be accepted.

Thanks to the Awesome IFC Community for making Capital Virtual Airlines, one of the fastest growing VA’s in the community. We will always be here!

Thanks IFC!