Capital Virtual Airlines- The Newest IFVA- Hiring Professional And Aspiring Pilots- Discord Complete!

Capital Virtual Airlines- The Newest IFVA

Hello To All! My name is @CaptainDwyer, and I am pleased to introduce the newest Virtual Airline to the Infinite Flight Community. I created this VA to be a fun home away from home. A place for Pilots to grow, learn and experience a community like no other. There is no better time to join CVA than now, as we will be offering double hours to Pilots that sign up and fly with us in the first week.

Our History Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

"The Idea to create a new virtual airline came up when I first joined the community back in February (I know, I know… I’m pretty new!). I had no idea that the community was this vast and had this many dimensions to it. I saw all of the VA’s and thought to myself, what a wonderful idea. Being the naturally leader oriented person that I am, I looked around. No staff positions open. I had an Airline Tycoon, named Capital Airlines on my phone, so I figured… I am going to start a VA.

Getting it started was not easy, and let me be the first to say, that creating a VA is no piece of cake. It took days and weeks of me working by myself on developing the ideas and creating a website. It wasn’t until I got Capt. Alex on board that development really got going.

First were the ideas. We had to iron out all of the ideas, and we had to ask ourselves, what do we really want this VA to become. Once we had our core values set in place, we started on the websites. First was the public site, then the database. The part that took the most time, was the flight submission organizer, then the routes. It took many days to have the website up-running and looking good.

Lastly was the editing. @BluePanda900 helped us through every step of the way, suggesting edits, and helping us fix bugs that really needed to be fixed. We were officially approved on March 28th of 2018

It was a great experience creating a VA, and I look forward to a long and prosperous run!"

What We Fly Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

We fly a variety of aircraft all over the world. Certain aircraft can be flown by certain ranks.

  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 737-7
  • Boeing 737-8
  • Boeing 757-2
  • Boeing 777-300
  • Boeing 787-8
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Of course, planes will be added to the fleet as the Airline expands, and not only will aircraft be added, but they will be added by the Pilots of the Airline. Every month or couple of months, we will take a community vote on the next plane to be added to the fleet, so there is a great future ahead in this fleet!

Where We Fly Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

Capital Virtual Airlines is the only airline to have hubs in three continents. We allow our pilots to fly out of a hub near their home. We fly short, medium, long and ultra long haul routes from all of our hubs. Our hubs are as such:

  • Dallas/Forth Worth- American Hub (KDFW)
  • Zurich-Flughafen- Europe Hub (LSZH)
  • Auckland- Oceania/Australia Hub (NZAA)

Capital also works with Pilots who cannot fly out of the hubs either. We offer a policy that deems that you can fly between any two airports serviced by our hub.

ex: KDFW-KABQ and KDFW-KDEN are normal routes, but you can fly from KABQ to KDEN

These are called charter routes.

Here at CVA, the route submission is easy, just fill out a form that requires a few details on the flight and we will collect and update your hours on our Public Log, which allows everyone to see how many hours you’ve flown. We are very lenient on hour submission, but this is a privilege, and any Pilot found to be falsifying flight hours will be terminated from their job immediately.

Our Staff (One Position Open) Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

There is so much work here at CVA, that the staff positions are endless. Currently, all staff positions are full, but the community will be notified as soon as one is open. You can be a Pilot, and be on staff. Staff Members can enjoy custom Discord Servers and Unlimited Posting Privileges on GC.

Airline General - @CaptainDwyer

American Region General - @CaptainDwyer

Europe Region General - @AJH_1994

Oceania/Australia Region General - @Jake_Savage

ATC Commander - @Aviator_Airbus!

Event Coordinator - @GolferRyan

Hour Secretary - @Josh

Instructor - @Sam_Neale

Graphic Designer - @Cayden_Smith

Our Internal Education Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

As stated once before, our goal is to educate Pilots all around the globe, most importantly the ones within our Airline. That is why we offer HCS Course (Higher Class Specification Courses). Our instructors will help train Pilots in 1 of our 5 courses offered by the Airline. The Pilot will have to complete certain courses to fly certain aircraft. For every course there is a list of requirements needed to be completed before completing the course. Many of the guidelines regarding our HCS Courses are not very strict, as these courses are optional (with the exception of the 777 and 787, Heavies and Supers Course) and exist solely to educate the community. You can sign up for these on our Database in Google Classroom.

The Community Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

Our biggest goal at CVA, is to foster a community like no other. The company offers a system that not a single VA offers. We offer a Google Classroom where public pilot logs that help you track and monitor your progress are posted. You will be given a code to join the google classroom once you have officially joined the airline.

The Community pages on our website will always be kept up to date, so you will always know, what’s coming up next.

Our Goals Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

Our biggest goals are to host events every other Saturday, if not every Saturday. This will give our pilots and community members plenty of opportunities to get involved. Many of our events will have a theme to enjoy. All of our events will be staffed with air traffic control (assuming that one is available that day) and will hopefully gather members from all over!

Moving forward we hope to provide more resources to our pilots such as a full book of airport diagrams of all of the airports that we service around the world. We also provide flight logs, and flight checklists to help you in anyway possible.

How To Join- Prerequisites Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

Anyone can become a CVA Pilot, but there are requirements that are needed before you can actually begin flying in the legacy airline. Below is a guide and list of requirements and regulations:

  • All Pilots Applying For Positions Must Have IF Live

  • Pilots Are Expected To Have At Least Entry Knowledge Of The Basic Systems and Aircraft In Infinite Flight Prior to Beginning Training

  • Pilots With Less Than 20 Total Flight OR 20 Landings Hours May Have Their Applications Delayed

  • Pilots below Grade 2 Will Be Expected to Complete Extensive Test and Training Procedures Prior to Beginning Their Job

  • Pilots Applying Must Have Completed the 5th Grade Or Must be Older than 11 Years of Age

  • Any Pilot- Regardless of Rank, Landings, Or Flight Time- Who Fails Multiple Areas Of The Airline Test Will Have To Retake At A Later Date and Their Flight Time During The Retake Period Will Not Count

  • All Rules and Regulations Are To Be Respected and Foolish Behavior During Or After Testing May Result In Expulsion From The Airline

  • Pilots With Grade 4 and Above Will Be Exempt From Testing Into The Airline And Can Begin Flying Immediately After Receiving A Message From @CaptainDwyer

  • Any Staff Members Are Up To Date With These Procedure, So If You Have Any Questions Please PM Someone In The Staff.

  • Once In The Airline Pilots Are Expected To Complete AT LEAST One Flight Per Month, Consequences Are NOT Severe and Worse Case This Could Result In Loss of Current Flight Time or Rank

Join Us! Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

Do we have you convinced? Pilots who fly for CVA can enjoy a full Discord Server, Google Classroom and plenty of Pilot Resources including flight plans, Airport Diagram Charts and plenty more! If you would like to sign up, please fill out the application on our website.

CVA Website

Final Words Untitled%20drawing%20(4)

We are excited for such a wonderful shot at being the Newest IFC VA. Many edits will be made along the way, and we ask for your patience and respect as we open and fill staff positions to become a fully functional VA. If you have any questions… Contact Us! We ask that all criticism is constructive and that all comments are polite. Thank you for checking our our thread, we hope to see you on the team soon!

CVA Is an IFVARB Approved Airline images

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Looks great-
But is it IFV- Just kidding!
Great thread and great philosophy. I look forward to seeing you guys rise up.


Thanks! I do too! Thanks for the comments.

Oh this looks amazing!

Very well organized and well thought out.
Best of luck in the VA world!

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A good idea has come to life by a good person - good luck!

Looks like a nice VA. Best of luck!

Best of luck to this new VA!

Thinking about joint for ATC Commander L;

We’d be happy to have you aboard!

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Such a sweet, sweet thread! Haven’t seen one this good in a while. Good luck to Capital Virtual Airlines!

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We are excited to announce that our Auckland Departing routes are complete and are ready to takeoff!


I want to join this VA but I don’t know how to

Do you have to have access to training server or expert server to use?

You might find something under here @CameronH21


We use Training Server and Expert. What ever one is good for you. Normally we allow our pilots to fly on any server they wish. Sometimes we’ll have events on expert.

TLDR; you can use both servers.

IFVARB actually allows a Google Classroom?

Is that a way of communication like Slack?

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We have a discord in progress. We just use google classroom for all our documents and other important information.

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So any admin would be in Google Classroom as a “Teacher” and any pilot or staff member would be in Google Classroom as a “Student.” Correct?

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That would be correct yes.

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