Capital Virtual Airlines | The Center Of The Skies | New Thread + Future Event Voting

Welcome To Capital Virtual Airlines!

Capital Virtual Airlines is the newest Infinite Flight Community Virtual Airline.

CVA was officially approved by the IFVARB on March 30th, 2018 and commenced operations on March 31st, 2018. We have quadrupled our original size since opening and have grown to fit our community.

Our History

We started with a team of two: Capt. Dwyer and Capt. Alex, who had ideas for a fun and professional environment that operated in all parts of the globe. After much contemplating, CVA was born. The company started up with a website and a hope to go farther. The original fleet was comprised of 7 different planes and 78 destinations globally. As the company grew to serve 151 destinations in all 6 populated continents. The community has grown since then, but we have kept to our ideals. We now offer pilots a discord, and google classroom, and a vast IFC community. Pilots can now fly virtually anywhere in the world, with future plans to add over 40 new routes to destinations in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and South Pacific. We keep accurate track of our goals and future improvements with our newest internal improvement the CVA Roadmap, a detailed list of things we are doing to improve the airline.

About Us


Our Fleet Consists of 7 aircraft with one more coming soon:

  • Airbus A319

  • Airbus A320

  • Boeing 737-7

  • Boeing 737-8

  • Boeing 757 (Retiring Soon)

  • Boeing 787-8

  • Boeing 777-300

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11

  • Airbus A321 (Coming Soon)

The community is member driven, so occasionally we will vote on new additions to the fleet. The 757 will be retiring soon and all 757 route will be replace with the Airbus A321 (given the circumstances allow for it). Certain Aircraft may be flown by certain ranking officers, see more on the ranks tab.

All Pictures Credited to CVA’s Graphic Designer @Cayden_Smith


Our community follows a strict order of ranks, determined by flight time, event attendance and overall participation. Below is a flow chart stating ranks and required hours:

While flying hours count the most, positive influence and participation will be taken into consideration, and ranking is ultimately decided by staff members. Any staff member has full right to demote a pilot who is irresponsible.


Our community is based in our Discord server, were staff discuss future plans and events, and where pilots chat about all things aviation and non aviation related. All servers are closely monitored and support is guaranteed if anything happens to go wrong.

We also take advantage of Google Classroom, an online environment with easy access to documents, forms and spreadsheets hosted by Google itself! Participation is optional, although it is highly encouraged, as this is the source where all pilot info can easily be found.

Our website is a good source for any info regarding rules and regulations as well, we highly encourage all pilots to look at the website before asking any easily answered questions

Who Are We? Mission Statement and Principals:

CVA is a community like no other. Offering everyone equal opportunity to just fly! We offer the awesome people of IFC a community run by fun and laid back staff, that aren’t afraid to get things done! Constantly improving, we are a home away from home and are centered around the ideals of Professionalism, Community, Scholarship, And Above All: A Love For Aviation. We strive to be a VA run by our own members, with votes taken before any choice are made (unless staff interference is mandatory). We vote on our fleet, our style and in the future, our staff! CVA is the perfect place to begin your aviation career, with endless support and help from the community!

Complete Guide To Becoming A Successful CVA Pilot:

Step 1:

File an application, which can be found of the front page of our website. Staff will review your application as soon as possible.

Step 2:

You will receive a confirmation DM on IFC from a staff member, who will instruct you in scheduling a flying test. You will also have to take a written test.

We offer a fast test program, where any pilot above Grade 4, will only have to take a portion of the written test, and then will be eligible to join CVA.

Step 3:

After receiving results from a staff member, you are officially part of CVA! After receiving results (assuming you pass) you can immediately begin flying for credit with CVA.

Reminder that you may only fly the aircraft allowed by your rank.

Step 4:

Attendance is important! To be successful, you need to get to know your fellow pilots! We are a community, and we want you to be a part of it! Take advantage of the Discord, Classroom and IFC to communicate with pilots and staff. The better standing you have in the community, the better chance you have at being successful.

Step 5:

Once you’ve gone through the ranks and you have gained seniority, you are allowed to write tutorials, classes and sheets explaining complicated concepts to pilots with less experience. Community Event attendance is crucial and if you are looking to become a Captain and beyond, you must take advantage of our weekend flights.

Step 6:

Depending on a wide range of variables, someday, you may be excepted into the CVA Staff, most likely as a Trainer or Instructor. At this point you are now a ‘top dog’ and should consider yourself VERY successful!

Requirements To Become A Pilot

All pilots wanting to join CVA should have the following:

  • Live Subsciption
  • Basic Knowledge of Aviation
  • 20 Total Flight Hours At Minimum
  • 20 Total Landings At Minimum
  • Desire and Enthusiasm To Fly
  • Easy IFC, Discord and Google Classroom Access
  • Be Able to Attend 25% Of Events and Maintain One Flight A Week
  • Be Able To Respond To Staff DM’s in A Timely Manner
  • Respect for All Other Pilots Regardless of Background

Our Staff

Airline General - @CaptainDwyer

American Region General - @CaptainDwyer

Europe Region General - @AJH_1994

Oceania/Australia Region General - @Jake_Savage

ATC Commander - @Aviator_Airbus

Event Coordinator - @GolferRyan

Hour Secretary - For Hire (Please See Post Below!)

Instructor - @Sam_Neale

Graphic Designer - @Cayden_Smith

Special Thanks To All Of Our Staff, Working Hard To Make CVA The Best VA Around!

Join Us!

Want to join the most welcoming community around? Want to just get out there and FLY? Join CVA! We offer everyone a chance at becoming a successful VA pilot! It all starts with a click!

CVA’s Website

CVA Pilot Application Form

Send Us A Suggestion


We offer unlimited support to any one that needs it. For questions regarding anything related to CVA, or it's subsidiaries, your best method of contact is a quick DM to @CaptainDwyer or @Connor

Capital Virtual Airlines is IFVARB Approved images

Future Goals

As we continue to grow, we have very high hopes for the future. Always looking forward, our staff plan and create everyday to help make CVA better than ever before!

In the future we hope to schedule events every other Saturday, giving everyone opportunities to join us as we push away the struggles of life and look to the sky.

We will continue to improve sites like our website, Discord, and Classroom everyday until it is perfect!

We are currently working on multiple partnerships with other VA’s and VO’s

We are planning new systems to keep track of flight time and ranks.

Most Importantly, we will continue to create new routes, new pilot resources, and and new opportunities for everyone!

Final Words

We here at CVA are always pleased to welcome new members! We will always continue to help pilots grow and learn. We hope you consider joining us on our adventure to the sky.

Welcome to Capital Virtual Airlines- The Center Of The Sky!

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Welcome To Our New Thread Everyone!


hello everybody Lets see some action :)


Do you fly to KSJC?


At the moment, no, but KSJC is part of the next release of routes that we are planning to release soon.

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Capital Virtual Airlines- Event Outlook

Welcome to our event outlook! Here, we have compiled a full calendar of the next month of events planned for CVA. As many who have looked at our official thread know, we are trying to implement an every-other Saturday event schedule, to give all community members plenty of opportunities to fly with us in a fun environment. Some events will be held in expert and some will be held in training.

We will also hold community votes on our next events. The calendar below shows all future planned events and gives an ‘in planning’ ‘open’ , or ‘complete’ status to let you know which events you can sign up for. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Events in the Planning Stage may be, postponed rescheduled, or cancelled at any time prior to the release of the event in the #live:events category.


Sat. May 12- USA Capital Fly-In (Open)
Join CVA on a flight to the US Capital. Departing from KDFW, and flying about 3 hours to KIAD, Washington D.C.!

Sat. May 26- Welcome to The Land Of Enchantment- New Mexico! Fill Up KABQ! (Planning)
Join CVA out in the desert and fill up Albuquerque!


Sat. April 9- Caribbean Tropical Fly Out @KMIA (Planning)
We are all ready for a vacation! Join CVA at Miami International, and fly South to your favorite Caribbean destination!


Right now we are taking a vote between 3 different options for the upcoming event on June 23

  • The Friendship State- Texas! Fill up KAUS
  • The Beaver State- Oregon! Fill Up KPDX
  • The Last Frontier- Alaska! Fill up PANC

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More About CVA At Our Website!

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Hello everyone! This will be posted in here for future reference, as the individual topic was shut down.

Love that livery you’ve got. Good luck from FedEx virtual!

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Thanks! We’ve got an awesome designer!

If only they had your VA’s BEAUTIFUL livery in IF! That would be amazing! :)

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Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce that we will be opening a total of 32 more routes to our list, including 9 new routes to the freshly re-imaged Africa continent and 2 more routes to Europe.

Reminder to any CVA pilot who wishes to fly these routes does not have to operate out of Dallas, they may operate out of any American city that we service to any international or other domestic location, for more info please read the official message above.

These route will be officially open to the public and all CVA pilots at Noon Central Time. Thanks!

Attention Everyone:

Following the resignation of two very important staff members, we will now open up the application process once more, to fill these positions.

The following positions we need filled are as such:

  • Hour Secretary/Rank Management- Keeps track of all pilots’ hours and fills completes our hour log with updates every day to 2 days.

  • Community Manager/Moderator- Moderates all of our community chat servers like GC, Discord and any CVA Thread.

If you are interested in these positions DO NOT DELAY

Application Process:

  1. Send a Letter of Intent (Through a DM) to @CaptainDwyer with the following info:
  • Position you are applying for
  • Reasons you want to be a part of the team
  • Reasons why you SHOULD be part of the team
  • RESUMÉ, including any past experiences or any talents you possess

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you aboard!

Do all these routes have to be to or from KDFW?


You can operate from any serviced, American airport to another, or to an international destination.

Ex. KPHX to CYYC is acceptable because it is originating from the US

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But can we do CYYC to KPHX since the plane that goes to CYYC needs to reenter the US.

Yes, that is accepted as well

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So what is not accepted is any flights from a country to another country that is not the US.

Yes, with the exception or flights from our international hubs in Zurich and Auckland, those have separate rules: for those you can fly between them, and any serviced destination. But you cannot do Heathrow to Vancouver because Heathrow is not an international hub.

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Dear CVA Followers:

Me and all of the Staff and Pilots of CVA are very sad to announce that we will be suspending operations immediately. I have enjoyed my run as CEO and Founder here at CVA, but we have made the executive decision to permanently close the Airline.

We have been forced to close due to a lack of applications, and a sudden and quite extreme drop in staff, and the overall decline of VA’s within the community. We feel that there isn’t enough staff to help with the unmanageable workload to keep the VA functioning like we originally envisioned it to function.

We feel that we cannot keep the VA running smoothly enough for the community to enjoy, so we must shut down.

I announced this to all staff nearly a week ago, and I have been cooperating with them to get into new positions within other VA’s, anyone who is or has been part of CVA, and is looking into join another VA will receive help from me and any other staff if they need it.

I will be taking up another job as Event Organizer within Frontier Virtual, if anyone who is currently a part of CVA and would like to stay with me, you are welcome to join with me over at FVA.

This has been a great experience for me and all involved with CVA, and I look forward to a successful career elsewhere. I’d like to thank @BluePanda900 for CVA’s awesome opportunity to exist within IFC and I would like to thank everyone who viewed and supported CVA. Your support has and always will mean so much to me.

Mods, you may close the thread now.

Capt. Dwyer signing out.


Sad to see this go 😔

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