Capital Virtual Airlines- Opening Ceremony @ KDFW - 071700ZAPR18

Opening Ceremony @ KDFW

Hello To All!

We are exited to announce that our opening ceremony will be this Saturday @ KDFW! At 17:00 ZULU time the first flight will push back from KDFW and begin taxi to runway 35L and 35C. This event will take place on the Training Server.

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Anyone joining us for the event will automatically complete their training if they wish to join the airline, and anyone already in CVA will receive one event credit if they attend. Non-CVA pilots are welcome, but the following is required to be part of the event:

  • An aircraft within the CVA Fleet: Airbus A319, A320, Boeing 737-7, 737-8, 777-300, or 787-8

  • A Callsign with the following format: CVA###

  • Generic Livery on your aircraft (do not ask for other liveries or aircraft

  • Sign up by saying the following below on the thread: (Callsign) (Aircraft) (Destination)

  • If you want to attend the event AND join CVA please specify

KDFW- Dallas, Texas, USA

The Event will be in Terminals C and E, with Terminal A open as an overflow

Takeoff Runways for Pilots with CVA will be 35L and 35C departing North-bound

NOTAM: This is a Capital Virtual Airlines Community Event. Pilot are expected to behave in a respectful manner. Pilots should obey all ATC commands. Any Pilot attending the event wanting to become a Pilot for CVA who acts in a disrespectful will not be let into the VA.

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Be a part of the Newest Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight! Join Us for our Opening Ceremony! Fill up Dallas!

See our thread for more details on who we are and what we do.

Our Thread

Our Website

Contact @CaptainDwyer for more info or questions.

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Fixed the formatting for you, when making future events use this for reference

Enjoy the event and have a good one!


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