Capital flying Tour pt.1 LSZH-DTAA


Yes, here i am again after a long long brake from uploading i will now continue to do so. Personal reasons got me a bit absent on the community page therefore i’m very happy to make a return and upload the first Stage of the new Project of me and my friend.

Project Capital

We’ll head from Zurich our local Airport to every Capital possible. Obviously you can’t fly to Vatican which definitely is a bummer but still we should fly into around 180 Countries spread all over the World.

Why? Y’all ask yourself? - Just because we can 😂

Stage 1

Our first Stage was Tunis, Tunisia the Capitals Airport (DTAA) got determined by a fortune wheel.

Airline: Tunisair
Aircraft: A319
Flight time: 1Hr49Min
Server: Expert

Standing at Dock B ready for Pushback

Line up and wait Tunisair 475

Departure from R28 at ZRH

Beautiful midday departure over Zurich

Crossing in over the Alps

Leaving land behind our backs

Starting the descend over Cagliari

First glimpses of the Tunisian coastline

**Landing at Tunis Airport on R29 **

Arrived at the Gate in Tunis

Where do you believe is it going the next time? Leave if down in the comments.

That’s it thanks to y’all for looking in we’ll see better said read us on the next one bye ✌️