Capital flying Stage 6 LSZH-EGLC

The sixth capital was once again an Short haul into an European country. The UK with its Capital London was our destination today we took of in the E190 operator British. We choose City over Heathrow beacause we preferred the approach and also thought what could be more Central than City Airport?


  • Airline: British Airlines
  • Aircraft: E190
  • Route: LSZH-EGLC
  • Flight time: 1Hrs26Min


Standing at Dock E at Zurich

Departure from R28 at ZRH

Leaving Switzerland behind

Flying north of Paris

Crossing in over the Channel

**Beginning our descent over Britain’s mainland **

Descending into London

Approaching our destination

night landing at R09

Arrived at City’s Terminal

That’s it for todays flight see you soon hope you have a great time see ya, bye ✌️


Great shots mate ! EGLC is a tricky airport isn’t it ? ;)

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It is indeed we almost landed with two half E190 🤣🤣🤣

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Oh hopefully you didn’t crash! 😂

It’s a very difficult approach only certified aircraft can arrive and depart from it


Nope but it was more or less Swiss Avro style

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