Capital flying Stage 2 LSZH-LLBG

Todays flight brought us down in to the Home of dates. Israel with its Airport around Tel Aviv LLBG. Tel Aviv indeed isn’t the Capital, although the government is located in Tel Aviv.

Airline: El Al Airlines
Aircraft: B787-10
Flight time: 3Hrs25Min
Server: Expert

EL AL 01 boarding complete

Line up in R10 the rare Runway usage is due to Winds

Windy Departure from R10

Climbing over the Austrian Alps

Crossing in over Greece

Quick glimpse to turkey as we fly more southern over Cyprus

Cyprus in the far back

Approaching Tel Aviv straight in over the Beach

Landing at Ben Gurion

The 2 El Al B787s standing beside each other at the Terminal

That’s it for today thanks to y’all looking in see you at the next one, bye ✌️