Capital flying Part 3 LSZH-EBBR

Although todays flicht to the Capital of Belgium more was like an short hop in the north it definitely was an interessting and eventful flight.

Airline-Brussels Airlines
Flight time-0Hrs56Min

My friends flight is already ready for Pushback

Taxiing to R28

The rare A330 even attracted a Spotter

Little boy’s takeoff

Leaving Switzerland behind

Descending over Luxembourg, also a future Destination

A330 Banking after a Go around due to bumpy winds

Landing late on R01 at Brussels

Roll out from a birds perspective

The two standing beside each other at the Term inal

With todays flight its three so far reached destination the other two you can find in the previous parts on my profile. Where will it go next? Guess in the Comments. Happy to welcome you once again hope you enjoy it All the best see you, bye ✌️


Nice shots. Brussels Airlines is underrated.

Have a great rest of your day!

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