Capitaine_turrian’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

I am an aspiring IFATC and I want to practice my general organisation with you all ! Thanks in advance and I would be so happy to see you spawning ! Look forward to see you on the tarmac!


Hello I was DHL 120! Have some feedback for you;

Tower control

  • Transitions alititude was perfect-o!
  • Pattern intstructions were good!
  • Used the correct clearance + traffic!
  • I requested a T/G and you cleared me with traffic, but when I was on left downwind in my 2nd leg you asked me for my intentions?
    When somebody is remaining in the pattern (or doing a touch and go, basically the same), it doesn’t need to report what he/she/it is going to do (Unless he/she/it is going to do a full stop),since the pilot will do some landings.
  • I was indeed on at the wrong approach, therefore good that you used the “Assign RWY” command!
  • Why couldn’t I change from runway, If I may ask? Cause in the manual it is stated that al runways need to be active.

Anway, good job and success on your journey to become an IFATC!!

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Hi @Menthesuphisth, thank you for your reply ! That’s kind of you ;) Yes indeed I then thought “why did I ask him for intentions if I knew he asked for touch and go” … 🤦🏼‍♂️I was uncertain for a while 😅But now I know, THANKS ! For the runway change, I did not find the command to give you the possibility to change runway ^^‘
Anyway, do not hesitate to come back here in Zurich ;)

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If somebody request runway change you give them pattern instructions to the runway and then just clear them (+ Traffic if they want to do a T/G).

Example with me, you shoudve give me instruction to go straight into rwy XX and clear me for the option 👽👽

I’d suggest you to look at the ATC Manual and the ATC Test on Youtube!

I’d suggest to be active on an airport which has parallel runways, to gain more experience etc :-), please avoid EGLL and KLAX hahaha

I’ll come by

Great news you want to work towards IFATC!

Here are some good tips on how to create a good tracking thread:

I just noticed you’ve been open at LSZH for 23 hours. Impressive!
(Don’t forget to change your title to [CLOSED] after you close.


Hey, thanks for your reply ;) I have taken good notes ;)
See you in infinite flight ;)

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Hi everyone, I’ll be controlling at LSZH on Friday, the 27th at 0900Z. Pattern traffic, will give more informations soon !

Feel free to come and help me to increase my ATC’s skills !

Hi everyone, I’ll be opening in 10 minutes at LSZH ! We will use runways 16 and 28 mainly. Possibilities to also use runway 32.

Look forward to see you guys !

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Please follow ATC instructions !

I was the a320 there. Few things

No clue why I was stopped taxiing. no one in front of me. When I was doing patterns I noticed you cleared someone for takeoff when aircraft in front hadn’t lifted off. Thirdly you tell me you will call my base with traffic on final when it’s 6NM away, you should of told me to turn base then and there as no one wants to fly 12nm out past cone 3 for pattern work. Other than that good job

Hey, there was indeed an aircraft in front of you, exiting runway 14 (too early, but …). Therefore I asked you to hold position as you would have been in front-front with the other aircraft. I said to you I’ll call your base because the other aircraft was only 6 nm away front you, and he had already turned base :/
I cleared the aircraft for takeoff when the other was rotating. It takes time to the aircraft that holds short to line up and wait and takeoff ;) It lets sufficient time to the aircraft on the runway to be airborne ;)
Thanks for coming !

Hi everyone ! Hope you all doing well ! I’m available in the next 3 hours if some people are interested to take part in a tracking Thread for me to get some more skills related to ATC !
Feel free TO WRITE HERE OR DM me, I would be so happy to have you in this session !
Hope to see you in a while !

I’m opened for 20 minutes at LSZH !

Closed due to a lack of attendance. See you soon !

@Antoine_Turrian Are you gonna open somewhere soon? I would like to participate.

Hi mate, I’m gonna open again at 17:30z at EDDT ! Look forward to see you on the tarmac !

Will book the session at 19:00z instead of 17:30z !

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Hi everyone, I’ll be at EDDT in 5 minutes !

Thank you, Airbus 1998

Did not spot any mistakes whatsoever 👍

Thanks for landings 😉

B737, Frussly 😊

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Thank you for joining ! Hope we will be able to meet again, and with more aircrafts in the pattern !

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