Capetown (FACT) Jet Bridge

Hi! I have been having issues with the jet bridges at FACT (Capetown) in the live server (Training). When I spawn in I am immediately connected to walk up stairs, and even after I disconnect them and wait, when I try to connect the jet bridge the airstairs come back. I usually fly the 777-200er and when I land in LHR there are no issues, it’s only at Capetown. I have also tried connecting the airstairs with other planes but have had no luck. I am using an iPhone 14 using IOS 17 with most recent updated IF.


Hey there @Alex2003

Welcome to the community. This has probably happened because the Jet bridge was not assigned to the gate while being edited. Which gate are you experiencing this at?

Hello! Tell us which FACT gate you had this problem with. Next time, try restarting the flight at the same gate and let us know if the problem persists. I’ve had a similar problem at other airports and it was resolved just by restarting the flight at the same gate.

Hi! I have been having this problem with every gate I have tried. Currently I have tried Gate A03 through Gate A07. And I just tried your advice and the gate still did not connect. Thank you for the speedy response!

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Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome! I have having issues with all the Gates, and have tried Gates A03, 04,05,06 and 07 to no avail.

The problem is not on your side. The jetbridges are not actually assigned to the gates. This will be passed on to the scenario editing team. We will try to resolve this as quickly as possible so that everything will be fine in the next simulator update. Thanks for letting us know.

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Fixed for 23.4.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 12.13.18 AM

Thank you so much!!!

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