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Welcome to the official topic of all airports in cape verde

This is a thread for all information about current Cape Verdean airports that are being worked on.

Cape Verde is located on the coast of Africa in the mid-Atlantic with 10 islands and 7 airports and 4 main airports : Espargos Amílcar Cabral Int’l Airport (GVAC), Boa Vista Rabil Airport (GVBA), Praia Nelson Mandela Int’l Airport (GVNP) and Sao Vicente Cesaria Evora Airport (GVSV).
The island also has 3 small airports that serve to make small flights to Praia Nelson Mandela : Maio Airport (GVMA) , Sao Filipe Fogo Airport GVSF e Sao Nicolau Perguica Airport (GVSN)

The objective is to transform all airports in Cape Verde in 3D!

Airport Name ICAO Status Editor
● Espargos Amílcar cabral Int’l Airport GVAC Released @Guilherme_Carvalho
● Boa Vista Rabil Airport GVBA Being Worked on @Wilson_CV
● Maio Airport GVMA Not Started N / A
● Praia Nelson Mandela Int’l Airport GVNP Released @Wilson_CV
● Sao Filipe Fogo Airport GVSF Released @Wilson_CV
● Sao Nicolau Perguica Airport GVSN Not Started N / A
●Sao Vicente Cesaria Evora Airport GVSV Being Worked on @Wilson_CV

●Sao Vicente Cesaria Evora Airport | GVSV | Being Worked on | @Arikson_Delgado

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Finally Cape Verde is getting some attention. This is one of the most underrated places I have flown to in the SIM. Also great routes to fly especially to Espargos!


yes we are working hard to bring all cape verdean airports in 3d


Good job brother…!!!🇨🇻🇨🇻😍😍❤️❤️


Praia Nelson Mandela Int’l Airport (GVNP) WIP


WIP picture of GVNP🇨🇻




OR is review right? Can’t wait for GVAC and GVNP, more tui destinations🙂


@Tui_787-8 yes we are waiting for the review

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Hello do you belong to Tui Virtual…?

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No, I just love TUI 🙂. (Also i’m not sure if you’re allowed to be in two VAs or I would)

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You can be in as many VA’s as you want so long as you stay active. 😂

@MJP_27 was in 6 VA’s at one time if I remember correctly. 😂


I’m so happy to read about this. Congratulations and great job. I can’t wait to see the final result 🙏🏾

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Any work on Boa Vista ?

Hello, well I’m here to lose, sorry for the delay in editing ELLX and GVBA, due to health problems I had to stop a little longer as soon as I’m ready to edit and also change my cell phone, I’ll be back to finish the rest, just work, thanks

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