Cape Town to Vienna

Flight time: 11:30

Rotation out of Cape Town!

Gear up!

Climbing to FL340

Flying over Angola @ FL380 after step climbing!

Saying hi to my cousins over Italy!!

VNAV starting it’s descent into Vienna

Inbound for landing at Vienna international

On final for LOWW!!

Buttering the bread!!!

Thank you for flying Austrian Airlines and we hope to see you again soon!!


Hope u guys enjoyed!!

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Thanks for your post today. However this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos, do please change it!

I think it’s changed

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Yup, all good now! Nice pics!👍🏼

Thanks so much!

Amazing photos!!

Very nice pictures! However please be sure to include flight details as shown in the #screenshots-and-videos category. ;)

Phenomenal shots!

Thanks,Glad u liked them!!

I was the person you parked next too. lol

I’m heading to KLAX

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