Cape Town to Johannesburg Time Lapse

Hey There, IFC, Yesterday I did a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg with @CaptWalt-YT and more. We had a fun time and I Decided to make a timelapse and share it here. Hopefully you enjoy it, Feedback would be appreciated :D

Aircraft and Livery: Boeing 738, British Airways- Comair
Flight Time: 1 hour and 45 Minutes

Infinite Flight | Cape Town to Johannesburg | British Airways- Comair | Boeing 738(ft. Capt Walt) 4K pls subscribe if you can :)

Here’s a photo ig

Hopefully you Enjoyed Cya Later (Remember Feedback pls)


In my opinion, you should change up the font to make it cleaner and fit that “4K vibe”. The biggest issue in my opinion was the shaky free cam movement though. Try to make it smoother even if it takes multiple takes.

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Ok Thanks I totally appreciate Ima try and fix it in the in the next one

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