Cape Town International Airport Spotting

Hey everyone!

During my school’s thanksgiving break, I went to South Africa. While I was there, I did some spotting in Cape Town for an hour and a half, this was my first time spotting internationally. I was spotting from the P1 Parkade on the third floor. There was some heat distortion, so I only have a couple of action photos from the runway. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix. Enjoy the photos!

ZS-JRI heading to Port Elizabeth

ZS-SZI landing from Johannesburg

ZS-SJO getting ready to depart to Johannesburg

ZS-ZWH also soon to depart to Johannesburg

ZS-ZWQ landing from Lanseria

ZS-SJT departing for Johannesburg

ZS-SJP departing to Johannesburg

I hope you liked the photos, as always, constructive criticism is welcomed and helpful. Thanks!


Beautiful shots!

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Beautiful, it funny to see all the flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg

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Thank you!

Yeah haha, it kind of reminded me of all the American Airlines A321s at LAX. So repetitive!


Really nice shots! I love the mango livery!

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Wow these are some unique catches!

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Beautiful pictures! Awesome airport as well <3

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The 737-400 was nice. You dont see many of the 737 Classic variants (-300, -400, -500) anymore and they were probably the best ones if the 737 family.

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Thanks, I was really glad when the sun decided to come out as mango taxied to the runway!

Thanks Andrew! It was cool seeing all the different colors on the planes.

Thanks Jack! Flying out of the airport internationally is another story though.

Yeah, it was definitely cool being able to spot the 400. That was a first for me!


I really want to head down to Joburg or Capetown soon 😍


Both are very beautiful cities!

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