Cape Air Cessna 402

Who thinks IF should add the the cessna 402 with the cape air livery? I do ! leave your thoughts below ! :)


Only one feature per request please as per the #features category guidelines

Its actually one @Nick_Catalano

[quote=“Joshua_Linsenberg, post:1, topic:21659”]
cessna 402 with the cape air livery
[/quote] He wants the Cape Air Livery in a C402

@dush19 is a Cessna 208 and a Cessna 402 the same aircraft? If it is, then you’re correct and there is only 1 request being made; if they’re not the same then Nick is right and there are 2 requests being made in this post.

This is what he’s requesting


Sorry, typo error in my post. Corrected 👍

Ok:) I still agree with Nick though, looks like 2 requests to me.

  • Cessna 402
  • Cape Air Livery

I don’t know lol. I give up xD

I would like this livery :)

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Please search before posting. You can add a Cape air suggestion separately.


Why can’t we have 2 request ??

Cause it doesn’t go with the rules :D


@Neeson52 to keep the forum clean and organized. The devs will also check requests for likes and comments, not how many requests there are.


Also, since it violates forum rules, shouldn’t it be moved to #general ?

@Tecnam2TA because TL0/1 cannot post to #features, feature requests end up there but we only move if they are correct. We don’t usually move back.

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Oh ok Thx guys !

i dont think we can move posts that violate the forum rules.
we can but we arent supposed to

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