CAP Tips

I am going to start CAP soon (civil air patrol) and If anyone who does CAP can you give me any tips?
especially the first three meeting thing

Thanks, Johnathan


Stay away from their aircraft


Any elaboration on that?

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what do you mean by that like don’t wonder over to the cessnas?

Mr. Mark isn’t fond of CAP…


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I know it’s slightly off topic but even if in DM could somebody explain what and who the CAP are. Thanks.

The CAP does bids to 3rd party Maintenance, meaning the cheapest maintenance will do their aircraft. I personally don’t trust the cheapest maintenance to maintain my aircraft, I personally would never touch one of their aircraft.

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@RotorGuy R U an instructor or graduate?

It’s the Civil Air Patrol, a volunteer group

I know what they are Calle do meant actually who they are and what they do, where they operate etc.

Some of the things that will help are to go get everything for your uniform from a military surplus store. Also always be ready for being outdoors and doing PT once a month

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K thanks!!

Civil Air Patrol is a voulenteer part of the U.S Air Force and we help with search and rescue missions we help communities in times of need when natural disasters hit and we also get prepared for joining the military after


Yeah no problem if you have any other questions just ask

are u a cadet?

I’m in the Civil Air Patrol, and one thing I can tell you is to memorize drills, as you take test which improve your status. They meet one Saturday a month. Usually for PT (physical training). In PT, make sure to bring your own clothes. You also have to do encampment. It is mandatory. Also make sure to go by last names only.


Yes I am I’m in the Arizona 305 squadron out of Falcon field (KFFZ)

I’m Going to join one of the concord NC and KCLT CAP Squadron

Cool I wish you good luck and I hope you enjoy it 😉😉

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