CAP over San Francisco

Today I took a flight around the Bay from KOAK (Oakland Metropolitan Intl.) to KHAF (Half Moon Bay)

I also took a transition at 3000 feet above SFO which I was going to land at but no light aircrafts were allowed. Thanks to @Ray_Wang for approving my transition! :)

Let’s Get to the Photos!

Laura boards her 172 as we get ready for a 25 minute flight around the bay!

Taking off, we fly over KOAK once for a quick view

Across the Bay we request our transition which is approved and get a look at the Moderate traffic in SFO

We then fly around runway 10L and get a beautiful shot of a departing Qatar A350 😍

Off the SF shore as we arrive to Half Moon Bay Airport

Here was our full flight :)

Hope you Enjoyed!


Aww, wish you could’ve started out at SJC and flew over the arrival traffic into SFO before turning toward HAF


That’s a good note to take next time.

Yeah because at San Jose, as soon as you takeoff from the 30 runways, you are at the Bay’s waters

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I could then stop at Palo Alto as well, then head up. :)

Nice pictures!

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