Canyon Run In The Super Hornet

Greetings everyone!

If you haven’t seen my last screenshots topic, go check that out: Taking The Babybus Transatlantic .

With the release of the reworked F/A-18, I decided to try and fly a jet for once. I am in no way good at flying such aircraft, but this seemed like as good of a day as any to try it out.

I’m definitely not being creative here, but I haven’t made a screenshots topic in a while so I chose to do it on this flight.

Since Nellis Air Force Base was the busiest, I decided to start my journey there, and because the Grand Canyon was so close, I thought it’d be cool to weave my way through it.

So I did.

Route: KLSV/LSV - Grand Canyon - KLSV/LSV
Aircraft: Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet
Military Branch (squadron): United States Navy (USN) VFA-87 Golden Warriors
Callsign: “Bullet” 87 (would’ve picked “War Party” 87, but that callsign isn’t in the list)
Flight Time: ~1h50
Server: Expert

And now, some pretty cool shots.

Starting off on the ground at Nellis, setting up the aircraft.

Taxiing out to runway 03L while folding out the wings.

Lining up on runway 03L, ready for departure.

First time being airborne in the reworked jet!

Entering the Grand Canyon in style.

It’d be criminal not to include an afterburner shot.

A little bit more afterburning action in one of many high-G turns.

Closing in on the end of the canyon run.

Landing back at the base after a succesfull session.

Folding the wings back up to go and park.

And that’s that! I honestly enjoyed flying this jet quite a bit. I might take it out for a spin in the future again (although probably a little more realistic, at a Naval Air Station).

I certainly hope you liked the shots, and let me know what you think of them!

Until next time!


I was the guy you buzzed! Inside the canyon


Pretty sure I saw you as well! I passed quite a few people actually, but I was a bit too focused on trying not to crash so I couldn’t read every username.

A lot of people seemed to have the same idea as to go flying in the Grand Canyon.


Did this route as well today! Flying at 500 knots through canyons was extremely fun

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The grand canyon is an awesome place to do low level flying. One of my favorite routes to fly involves taking off from Page airport (KPGA), flying over the Glen Canyon dam, then flying through the tall and narrow canyons downstream. Some of those turns are super difficult. If you can do it first try in a fighter, I’ll give you a virtual high five.

If you are looking for a slightly more realistic low-level experience, try flying through Rainbow (Star Wars) Canyon or the Mach loop. They both get a lot of action from various military aircraft.


It very much is! I didn’t get up to that high of a speed but between 300 and 350kts was fast enough for my skill level I think.

@Jack_Q you’re giving me ideas mate xD. Might try those out sometime to challenge myself.


Flightplan for the Rainbow Canyon route is R2508A through R2508M, simply follow your flightplan until you reach death valley, once in death valley you can fly as low and fast as you can!

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Cool shots ;)

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I’ll be sure to keep that in mind!

@Jinco Thank you!

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Awesome shots!

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Thank you very much!