Can't write review

I want to write a review for IF but this keeps happeningimage

You must have Infinite Flight purchased and downloaded to give a review.

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i think he does, this happens to me too. make sure u are signed on the same apple id u bought the game with

I do have it

I am signed in to my ID

Hmm… Maybe restart your device.

It didn’t work @Henrik_B

I’m not sure then. David might have the answer to this one.

What’s Davids @name? I forgot.

No need to tag him. I got it. :)

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This could be an error on apple’s end - Hard reset the device and clear cache

Nothing worked

That is an iTunes requirement. It means that the purchase was refunded at some point. So Apple won’t let you write a review until it’s repurchased. At any rate it’s not anything we can resolve since this is all controlled by Apple.