Can't watch all replays

My subscription ended a few hours ago and now I can’t watch all of my Live Flight replays. Just a few of them. A few hours ago everything was pefect…

Replays flown using Subscription in non free areas aircraft cannot be viewed once your pro sub has run out to the extent of my knowledge. They can still be shared to other people but cannot be viewed.

You’ll notice, for example, a flight around London Heathrow or San Francisco in a free aircraft such as the a321 will still show up and be usable whereas others outside of the basic “regions” are not.

Once your subscription is renewed, the replays will all become available again 🙂


Ahh oky, that makes sense. But I also can watch replays with pro aircrafts if they were in free areas

That’s because the global server isn’t downloaded on your device while the pro aircraft are downloaded

Did you purchase these aircraft pre global?

As far as I’m aware it’s more to do with the region that the aircraft is flown in, I may be incorrect.

But as I said, once your subscription is renewed it’ll all be available for you again 🙂

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For PRO replay’s, the scenery and aircraft have to be streamed, which is one of the reasons why Pro costs money. Non-pro flights contain the aircraft and specific amounts of scenery in which you’re limited to fly in.

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