Can't verify email to login on a different device [SOLVED]

I tried multiple times to login on a different device other than the one I created the profile on and the forum won’t allow me to do it because it says I need to activate the account by verifying my email. It gives me the option to send another link, but the link never gets sent from the forum. I haven’t received a single one.

Yes, I am checking the correct email. Yes, I checked everywhere including spam and junk. There is just no email being sent out and there’s no option for me to change which email I want it to be sent to (that I know of)

Any ideas?

(I only thought about changing my email address in settings after I posted this. I went to my profile settings, changed my email address, and then it sent a confirmation out for me. Must’ve been a glitch the first time from when I signed up.)

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Glad it’s fixed.