Can't use planes offline

Please help! I know this is asked before but this is different. I can’t use my newly bought Boeing 787-9 on my IPhone 6s offline but I can use it on my IPad 2 offline. I even tried restore purchasing but nothing worked.

Did you restart the app and your device?

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Don’t panic :)

Check if you disactivated wifi and mobile data completely. A weak connection sometimes block me to use the paid aircraft and regions I have. If it still doesn’t work uninstall Infinite Flight (restart power on your device), reinstall it and restore purchase.

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Do you have an active Live + subscription?

To restore and download your aircraft you need to be connected to internet. So you can’t just go straight offline. If the it does not let you restore purchases; ensure you’re using the same accounts and restart your devices. Let me know if this works?

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I have a Live+ sub and I can use aircraft and regions that I had with the sub offline :)

I can only use my planes and regions included with my Live + subscription offline…