Can't use my previously purchased aircraft


Today I launched to game and signed in only to find that my planes are no longer available. I owned the 787-7, A320, Dash-8, 737-800 and C130H. My username is Daniel Guevara IFHA (Delta 895)

Thanks for your help

Try hitting restore purchases


I’m sorry. Can you point me out where can I find it?

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It should just be at the bottom of the screen when on the aircraft select page

I’m there but can’t find it. Am I missing something?

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Click on an unowned aircraft, then it should show up:)

I’m sorry, still nothing

The UI must’ve changed, press on “yes” perhaps it will then show a restore purchases option.

Android is different, which i suspect this is due to the absence of the Restore purchases option.

Still nothing, thanks for your response. I’ll try out a reinstall, too bad I’ll lose my replays :’(

That was it. I reinstalled the game and now I’m all good. I lost my replays but oh well, a small price to pay for salvation.

Thanks for your help.

I should’ve typed this faster, but you could’ve moved your replays to Google Drive

Ouch, some times these things happen. I appreciate your help though.

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No problem