Can't use controllers on infinite flight

Since im such a broke guy, i use controllers when i feel like mobile controls aren’t responsive.
When i tried configuring controls after my game crashed (as i said im broke as hell) the controls didnt save, and when i configure it the game crashes.
Do note, i did configure it in-flight and on the menu and it crashed. Please help!

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I also tried but its rather difficult getting it the first time. If it crashes your game, i would say to leave that option.

What controller ?

Maybe resetting all the controls in settings of IF help
( PS :- I am still not sure what your actual problem is)

Hi 👋 welcome to the community:

I have experienced these issues before and it can be frustrating. But what I noticed was after maybe 2-3 times of it forgetting, it finically remembered the controls

Ps4 controller

Did you try live flight connect on laptop?

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