Can't Use Commands

When flying, I noticed ATCs saying “5min till closing” or something like that. I tried to figure out ho to do it, but couldn’t figure out how to give that command when I was ATC. Also, I hear people say “unable” how do they do that too? Can someone tell me how?

It’s under broadcast message

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Unable should hardly be used but it comes up as a choice after every command. Unable is only to be used if your going to crash or your aircraft can’t do what asked

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Yea, iam pretty aware that i dont ask for ff at this level, just was asked for intentions, and this was my answer, secondly it was on playground and the center were buggin me to contact him/her ,but true i dont wanted to descent to 2000 cause i was not even half way to my goal. Last of all you are right that unable isnt use in that situation, but i wasnt aware that anybody will take it serious what i wrote above…kidding, but since it may confuse i deleted it…