Can't use AP setting and anything while flight

Infinite Flight - 23.3.3 (6193) - 8D08079A - Samsung SM-T970

Network : WiFi
Airport : KJFK (2023-12-02)
Frequency: Center
Traffic level : Heavy traffics

This looks like a cryptic messages.
Please describe what was going on exactly.

I think i can’t share my video here…
How can i share my replay here??

To share a video, upload it to YouTube and post the link here.
To share a replay use this link:

Thank you for sharing thhis link! but i just check my replay, but the bug doesn’t see here!
i have a screen recoding video… You have to see that…
but this video is mp4 so i can’t share here

Like I wrote earlier, upload it to YouTube and share the link here.

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and share my infinite flight replay site is not working now…

Here you are sir! thank you in advance!

Looks like there was an issue with how the device registers touches.
Did you try rebooting the device?

Yeahh Unfortunately, I had to end that flight and the next flight was fine again!

Good that it’s gone now.
Looks like a temporary glitch, which unfortunately can happen to all devices.
Usually a reboot solves that. :)

Ohhh understood! Unfortunate things happened to me…! Thanks for helping me!

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No problem! :)