Can't Use Aircraft I previously Bought

Phillipe mentioned that you can still use former aircraft you purchased with/without an IF Pro subscription when IF18.2 was released. When I reinstalled IF all of the former IAP aircraft were locked except the free aircraft that would be unlocked when you first get IF. I’m missing the following:

  • Complete A320 Family
  • A330-300
  • A340-600
  • Complete Boeing IAP aircraft
  • Citation X
  • Complete ERJ Family
  • F-16
  • F-14
  • C-130J-30
  • F-22

I’m currently running an IPad 2017 with IOS 11.4.1

Are you using the same account
Have you tried restoring purchases?

uhh if you mean same ITunes account then yes, and restoring purchases then yes.

Edit: Actually lemme restart the app I forgot to do that and re-do my steps.

When you click on them it may ask you to purchase them again but you won’t be charged as long as you did purchase them individually. The previous purchases are linked to your iTunes account so they shouldn’t charge you again.

Actually…I just restarted my IPad and went back to IF and clicked restore and now it worked…I can’t believe I forgot a simple restart can solve the problem, god I’m so dumb…sorry for creating this topic.

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Don’t worry yourself, glad you got it sorted :)