Can't upload pictures

Hello guys , I can’t upload any pictures to the community !

It loads al the way to 100% then just stays at 100 and nothing happens

Anyone knows what I can do ?


I have this problem too. Try uploading to imgur, then past the link. The forum will automatically show the image.


Try to lower the resolution

The forum cant upload pics if the size is greater than 10MB, make sure it doesn’t exceed 10MB

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Thanks guys

I tried everything and it still stops on 100% guys !

I don’t wanna tag a moderator so I hope one of them do have a chance to help me out

Max size is 3.072 MB

Use the button with the up arrow if you are using a computer. Click the blue “Upload” button in the bottom right hand part of your screen if on mobile.

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I tried that , still doesn’t work

Thanks @carson

Imgur did work :)